Your turn: Should 'The Wave' be banned at sporting events?

In the late stages of yesterday's home opener, a 5-1 win for the Orioles over the Tigers, most of the 46,593 giddy fans at Camden Yards rose to their feet and partook in the stadium tradition known as "The Wave." Love it or loathe it, it's still going strong today.

"O's fans just performed 'The Wave,' proving that most of them haven't been in the stadium since 1997," my Baltimore Sun colleague Peter Schmuck wrote on Twitter.

Mostly everyone does The Wave when it gets going -- because you don't want to be the one guy or gal in your section whose butt is glued to the bleachers -- but that doesn't mean that they are enjoying it. From my experiences, plenty of people think The Wave needs to be retired. As for me, when I put my fan hat on, I'm cool with The Wave as long as my beer doesn't get spilled.

Yesterday, during my live chat from Camden Yards, I conducted a quick poll to see what those in the room thought about The Wave. Half of the respondents were fans, a quarter of them were anti-Wave and the rest were indifferent. Let's continue that conversation here. I want your qualitative take on the stadium tradition.

You tell me: What's your take on The Wave? Keep it going or get rid of it?

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