Your turn: Give me your Final Four teams and tourney champion

President Barack Obama on Wednesday revealed his NCAA tournament bracket, and it included a very chalky Final Four with all four No. 1 seeds advancing to Houston. The Commander in Chief has Kansas beating Ohio State in the title game.

In my bracket breakdown post from earlier in the week, I predicted that Ohio State would defeat Kansas in the final, but my track record isn't as sterling.

Knowing my luck with tourney polls, my bracket will probably be busted by the end of The Baltimore Sun's tournament viewing party at Hightopps this afternoon (if you feel like faking a migraine and joining us, here are the details).

Anyway, now that we have filled out our brackets, I want to know your picks. Did you get frisky and take some risks with your Final Four teams, or did you play it safe like me and the President?

You tell me: Who's in your Final Four, and who is your big winner?

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