Barack Obama loves chalk, picks Kansas to win NCAA tourney

President Barack Obama took a break from whatever it is he does around here -- I say that in jest, of course -- to fill out his bracket for the NCAA men's basketball tournament, and it's clear that Obama loves chalk more than your typical grade school teacher.

On Wednesday's "SportsCenter," Obama and senior college basketball writer Andy Katz unveiled the 44th president's bracket. The basketball nut had all four No. 1 seeds -- Duke, Ohio State, Pittsburgh and Kansas -- advancing to the Final Four, with Kansas beating Ohio State in the national final.


Personally, I'd like our Commander in Chief to be more courageous with his picks, like him getting swept away by Jimmermania or predicting a Cinderella -- how about nearby George Mason? -- to crash to the Final Four. It's hard to argue with Obama's track record, though. Two years ago he correctly predicted that North Carolina would win the national championship.

Katz called Obama out for picking the tournament frontrunners, and the President replied, "If this bracket were a little different, I might have picked it a little different."

Despite the chalk talk, I'll give Obama props for putting things in perspective right out of the gate, telling Americans to visit to find out how they can help the Japanese people affected by the recent natural disasters. "That would be a great gesture as you're filling out your brackets," he said.

Whether you're a risk-taker or a chalk-lover like Obama, keep that in mind if you win your office pool this year.

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