Another AFC North rival bashes Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco

I’m not sure what Joe Flacco has done to draw the ire of his peers, but another AFC North rival has come out and bashed the 26-year-old Ravens quarterback. A week ago, it was Pittsburgh’s LaMarr Woodley who said Flacco wouldn’t win a Super Bowl. This week, it was Cincinnati’s Dhani Jones who took a shot at Flacco.

In case you don’t know Dhani Jones, he is a 12-year NFL veteran who has a show on The Travel Channel. He has started 57 games for the Bengals the past four seasons and recorded 125 tackles and a sack in 2010.

"[He’s a] capable quarterback [but] if you put a lot of pressure on him, he makes bad decisions," Jones said of Flacco during an interview on NFL Network. "Any time we were able to line up in the box, we were able to confuse him. He was always throwing picks. He was always making bad judgment calls."

I’m not sure why everyone has been piling on Flacco this spring. He threw for 3,622 yards and 25 touchdowns in 2010, improving in most statistical categories while setting a few franchise records. He is ego-free and generally keeps to himself, so I’m surprised his peers are lining up to take their swings at him this offseason.

When Dhani Jones is bashing Flacco, you know it’s getting bad.

Who's next? Troy Williamson? C.C. Brown? Limas Sweed?

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