Baltimore Orioles don denim, denim and more denim for their road trip to Canada

Fresh off two wins over the New York Yankees, center fielder Adam Jones and the Orioles decided to have a little fun with fashion for their late-night trip to Canada, where they play the Toronto Blue Jays on Thursday.

Before catching a plane after Wednesday night's 6-3 win, Jones and several Orioles players, including Manny Machado, Tommy Hunter and Brian Matusz, donned denim-on-denim outfits and posed for a couple pictures.

If you have ever seen the fine film “Super Troopers,” the all-Levi look is jokingly called a “Canadian Tuxedo.”

If you want to rock the same look, here is a helpful denim guide.

Of course, the Orioles are no strangers when it comes to having fun with their wardrobes on the road (and they are certainly not the only team to play dress-up). Remember last year when Machado had to wear this tutu as part of the team’s rookie initiation?

(A firm butt slap to Yahoo’s Big League Stew for the heads-up.)

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