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Saturday Night Live spoofs Orioles empty-stadium game

Jon Meoli
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Too soon? The Orioles' empty stadium game got the Saturday Night Live treatment.

It was bound to happen.

With the worst presumably over and the spectacle of an empty-stadium baseball game now days behind us, Baltimore’s plight over the last week was given the once-over by Saturday Night Live. It was quite funny.

In the four-minute long skit, Taran Killam played Jim Palmer, and Keenan Thompson did his best Frank Robinson impression (I think), and Scarlett Johansson brought back former Orioles reporter Amber Theoharis.

The skit outlined the discomfort of the day with reference’s to the city’s unrest surrounding the death of Freddie Gray and its impact on what proved to be a sad spectacle of a baseball game.

There were plenty of jokes — some funny, some probably inappropriate — but I’m not an arbiter of good taste and won’t pretend to be.

If anything, this is just a reminder of just how widespread the city’s issues and struggles over the last week have been.

An SNL joke about a baseball game that questionably served as a step in the city’s return to normalcy is part of that attention.

(H/T Mediaite for the clip)

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