Red Sox fans are 'vandalizing' the Camden Yards Wikipedia page

According to the "vandalized" Wikipedia page, Camden Yards was owned by Boston's Mookie Betts.

Wikipedia is a great site whose regular pleas for donations I roundly ignore despite my total reliance on it. It is mostly accurate — just read the "Reliablity of Wikipedia" section in Wikipedia — and reflects the seriousness of many of its controversial topics, all the while remaining vigilant against people creating dumb pages like "The Life of Jonas Shaffer" (I learned that lesson back in middle school). 

Among its many virtues is an open-ended editing process that can produce moments of great comedy. Example: When U.S. goalie Tim Howard became the country's most famous man for the afternoon of the Americans' 2-1 loss to Belgium in the 2014 World Cup, some good Samaritan updated the Wikipedia entry for U.S. Secretary of Defense to reflect Howard's brilliance.

Now, with the Boston Red Sox's march to the American League East title, Orioles Nation is seeing its Wikipedia walls breached, vandals at the front gates.

They came for the Orioles Park at Camden Yards page. They added a new nickname.

 When that was taken down, they changed the owners.

Only after much snickering and sharing along Yawkey Way was order restored, many hours later.

Now the page is "semi-protected," because of "vandalism."

That means you, Saltin3s, Paul Baker7 and Bensaw11. It's time to get a new account and IP address. Or a new hobby.

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