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All the Manny Machado Garden Gnome wants for his birthday is a Manny Machado garden gnome

Manny Machado's garden gnome is preparing for its unveiling Saturday.

Manny Machado’s birthday is today, three days ahead of the Orioles’ promotion giving away a Machado garden gnome to all fans Saturday at Camden Yards.

The Orioles used the occasion for a nice gimmick honoring Machado.

The Orioles posted a video featuring all of the previous player figurines, plus manager Buck Showalter’s gnome from last year, throwing the Machado gnome a surprise party.

Chris Davis’ action hero figure hammers a hole in a wall, and Davis’ voice says “Aww, man. I keep crushing everything.”

Adam Jones’ bobblehead says, “Hashtag StayHungry … for some birthday cake. Yummy,” and Wieters’ follows with “Quiet down, everybody. He’s coming.” Then Machado’s gnome walks into the room to the other figurines saying “Surprise!”

Showalter’s gnome finally presents the Machado gnome with a Machado gnome --- "Exactly what I wanted," the larger Machado gnome says."

Fans will get the same gift before Saturday’s 4:05 p.m. first pitch against the Los Angeles Angels.



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