No 'experts' expect the Orioles to win the AL East. Most think they'll finish last.

We found 21 predictions for this year's American League East. None have the Orioles winning the division.

As you probably already know by now, baseball's advanced analytics do not much like the Orioles this season.

But computers don't have feelings (except in "Ex Machina," but sadly, I don't think Alicia Vikander cares about Wins Above Replacement). They are unswayed my emotion. Servers have memory, but not memories. That's what separates us from a web of code: Human beings are given to sentimentality.

Like, remember the past four baseball seasons? When the Orioles won more games than any other American League team? The AL Championship Series appearance in 2014? Good times, man.

Even with a starting rotation that on Opening Day will turn to Chris Tillman, he of the 4.99 ERA in 2015, surely someone in the baseball media would pick the Orioles to win maybe baseball's most up-for-grabs division, just for old times' sake. Right? ... Right?

Nah. Of the 21 predictions I found online, none picked the Orioles to win the AL East. Zero. Here's the bleak breakdown, featuring "experts," number-crunchers and everything in between:

To recap: 11 picked the Blue Jays as AL East champs, six picked the Red Sox, three picked the Rays and one picked the Yankees. Of the 13 place-by-place picks, 10 picked the Orioles to finish last.

Enjoy Opening Day, everyone.

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