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Mount St. Mary's Junior Robinson is the NCAA tournament's new darling

It's impossible not to root for Mount St. Mary's guard Junior Robinson, the NCAA tournament's newest darling.

We, the people, tend to fall hard for small things. We put up with Paris Hilton because she had a dog that was small enough to accessorize with a handbag. We eat sliders by the plateful because it's far harder to rationalize eating a lot of regular-size hamburgers. And just when we thought Groot couldn't be any more adorable, he became Baby Groot.

So seeing Junior Robinson, the Mount St. Mary's men's basketball team's pint-size point guard whose name leaves no doubt about his diminutive stature (5 feet 5, shortest in Division I) or his class (uh, junior), do big-time stuff Tuesday night against New Orleans in the NCAA tournament's "First Four" was always going to mean a new love affair for America.

I mean, just look.

Even before tipoff, there was an infatuation.

He immediately became the favorite player of many.

He offered so much hope.

He was so good — 23 points, 9-for-14 shooting, three assists in all — you didn't feel bad making short jokes about him.

He had people drawing comparisons to a Robinson who played in the NBA.  

Best of all, he and the Mountaineers won, which means a national audience will get at least one more game of Junior Robinson.

Remember to always give thanks for small blessings.

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