Michael Phelps poses his dogs with the Lombardi Trophy

The Baltimore Sun

As Baltimore continued to come down from the euphoria of the Ravens’ Super Bowl win, superfan Michael Phelps took to Instagram this week to show the special access afforded an 18-time Olympic gold medalist.

On Valentine’s Day, Phelps posted pictures of his dogs, Catahoula mix Stella and English bulldog Herman, posing with the Lombardi Trophy.

“Champ and champ!!!” Phelps posted under the color photo of Herman, sidling up to the gleaming silver football. Phelps, a regular presence at the team’s big games and in its post-victory locker rooms, did not mention how his pooches got so close to the coveted trophy.

But his Instagram account, @m_phelps00, is a testament to his love of both the Ravens and the pups.

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