Lacrosse officials are finally addressing the sport's biggest need: a lacrosse emoji

Apple's latest software update has new emoji. Bacon? Yes! Lacrosse stick? No. That could change soon.

Apple released an update to its mobile operating system this week, adding hundreds of new emojis with iOS 10.2. There is a pregnant woman, a gorilla, an avocado and a bald eagle. There are strips of bacon and new professions for women.

There are also new emojis depicting water polo, wrestling and handball. They join a sports suite that already included ... *deep breath* ... soccer, baseball, basketball, football, rugby, tennis, table tennis, billiards, bowling, cricket, archery, fencing, racquetball, fishing, golf, skiing, snowboarding, weightlifting, gymnastics, swimming, biking, equestrian/horse racing, rowing, bowling, darts and auto racing. Also in the suite are a video-game controller (eSports) and a die (gambling). There is no lacrosse emoji.

To recap: Harambe? Yes! Lacrosse stick? No. This makes people really upset. Only in the year 2016 could we reach a point where people are using all-caps words to describe their disgust at not having a pictogram to use in lieu of words. Bless millenials. (I am one.)

Steps are being taken to rectify this first-world problem. Last week, the executive director of The Tewaaraton Foundation, the president and CEO of US Lacrosse, and a sports and social media executive teamed with a graphic designer to submit a "lacrosse stick and ball emoji" to the Unicode Consortium, the nonprofit devoted to standardizing emojis across operating systems and hardware.

The 11-page submission letter is notable for its tone, which vacillates from that of a neglected child ("The number of high schools with lacrosse teams and participants across the U.S. also significantly surpasses that of ice hockey") to a deeply serious historian ("Rooted in centuries of Native American tradition, lacrosse is commonly viewed as founded by the Iroquois Nation, or Haudenosaunee, as a 'gift from the Creator' that binds the community together") to a line in a Wikipedia article ("Lacrosse was featured in the longest-running American sitcom, The Simpsons, on 11/6/16 after 600 episodes and 28 seasons").

But it is a compelling document, complete with charts, testimonials, evidence of the sport's growing global popularity and documentation of previous appeals for lacrosse emojis. There are even ready-made PNG files of the suggested emoji depictions, with traditional- and modern-stick options.

The newest Unicode Standard is set for release in mid-2017, and lacrosse is not yet a candidate for inclusion alongside such other emojis as "Person In Lotus Position." For the sake of everyone playing the fastest-growing sport in America and determined to tweet about it, let's hope it makes the cut.

Only then can we turn our attention to the real emoji quandary, and a deeply personal one at that: Where the redheads at?

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