Killing time before the AL wild-card game? Watch all 253 Orioles home runs this year

If you have 50 minutes to kill before the AL wild-card game, watch all 253 Orioles home runs this season.

What do you do with 253 home runs? You can use them to get to the postseason. You can put them in their proper historical context (fifth most in a single season in baseball history). You can study them so as to glean, for instance, how many Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supremes' worth of calories are burned by home run trots during a particular period.

Or you can line them all up, one after the other, in a YouTube montage that's about as long as an episode of "Mr. Robot." That's what the good folks at MLB Productions 21 did. Total runtime: 50 minutes, 24 seconds.

(That bests the 2015 Toronto Blue Jays, whose 232 long balls stretch to 43:45; the 2009 Philadelphia Phillies, whose 224 dingers last 43:47; and the 2015 Houston Astros, who went for 230 blasts and 45:12.)

Count down the seconds until the Orioles play the Blue Jays in Tuesday's American League wild-card game by reliving such classics as The One With "Trumbo Bumbo," The One Starring Trey Mancini's Mom and The One That Might Have Saved The Season

As of this writing, you would need to watch this video in full a little over 30 times to tide you over until the 8 p.m. first pitch. That's not a suggestion, by the way. Please get some sleep. 

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