Joe Flacco shows how bad he is at throwing parties in new commercial

In new commercial, Ravens quarterback Joe Flacco reveals "bowls can be confusing."

Joe Flacco isn't a reputed party animal, but you'd think he'd at least know how to have a few friends over to watch a football game.

Well, he doesn't. At least, not if you accept the Ravens quarterback's recent Pepsi commercial as reality.

It's pretty funny. In the 3-minute, 16-second, documentary-style video, Flacco acknowledges his failure to throw a party "was pretty humiliating." Experts are called in to help.

"The way you or I would feel on a football field, you know, lost, scared, that's how Joe feels in his own living room," says a character in the commercial who is identified as a "snack specialist."

It gets better from there. At one point, Flacco deadpans: "I really have a problem with bowls. ... Yeah, bowls can be confusing."

The Super Bowl XLVII MVP is talking about snack bowls.

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