Hypocrisy and JT II on Terps AD Kevin Anderson's Georgetown stance

The Baltimore Sun

It’s been interesting to hear John Thompson II’s take on Maryland athletic director Kevin Andersonsaying that the Terps won’t play Georgetown in any sport until Thompson’s son puts Mark Turgeon’s team on his schedule.

On his radio show on ESPN 980 in Washington, the legendary Hoyas coach was very critical of Anderson speaking publicly about Maryland's postion to the Washington Post.

“Who is Kevin Anderson?,” Thompson II said this week. “How long has he been the athletic director at the University of Maryland? He is a very, very exceptional individual. He’s capable of directing the athletics at two different schools.”

Thompson was not referring to the fact that Anderson was the AD at Army before coming to Maryland in late summer of 2010. He was being facetious, suggesting that Anderson is the AD at both Maryland and Georgetown.

There was also the suggestion made that Anderson was doing this to take the spotlight off him and embattled Maryland football coach Randy Edsall in the wake of the Terps' 2-10 season.

“I don’t understand the logic in that kind of thing, unless it is used to divert personal attention from yourself, from things that you might be having a problem with yourself,” Thompson II said.

Thompson II, never one to worry about the repercussions from his comments, compared Anderson’s statements to “a guy who’s cheated on his wife and then he comes in his house in the middle of the night and starts blaming the wife. He takes the sting out of what he has done wrong by diverting it to something else.”

What’s also interesting is that Thompson II was the one who didn’t want to play Maryland for years after what he viewed as a snub by former coach Lefty Driesell, who he accused of dropping the Hoyas after they first beat the Terps.

The teams last met in a regular-season game in 1993.

Asked the week before the game at USAir Arena why he finally agreed after what was then a 13-year hiatus (and that was in the NCAA tournament), Thompson told The Baltimore Sun, ”The time was the right time to do it. We didn’t sit down and mediate on this for a long time. Somebody asked me one day if I’d do it and I said yes. It shocked them.”

The Terps beat the then-nationally ranked Hoyas in what amounted to a coming-out party for freshman Joe Smith.

I think Thompson is being something of a hypocrite, given his past stance about playing Maryland. But I also think that Anderson’s public stance is not going to help get this rivalry renewed. Thompson II repeatedly said on the air that Anderson was threatening Georgetown. Meaning his son.

Even though JT II is long gone from the Hilltop, in this case the basketball doesn’t fall too far from the hoop.

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