THB, Banditos, Wayward and more confirmed for Cosmic Cocktail!

#DrakeAlwaysOnBeat with Ravens kicker Justin Tucker; not so with Martin O'Malley

Justin Tucker's Royal Farms opera is a perfect match for #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat. Martin O'Malley? Not so much.

On Tuesday, Drake unveiled the music video for "Hotline Bling," and the Internet just about ran out of memes.

Hey, there's Drake throwing pepperoni on a pizza. Look, now he's playing Wii Sports tennis. And hold on, is that Drake? Or Carlton from "The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air"?

But nothing compares to #DrakeAlwaysOnBeat. Nothing. 

But how does Drake handle the musical stylings of two of Baltimore's most notable performers?

Drake and Ravens kicker Justin Tucker's Royal Farms commercial, as seen above, are a match made in mismatch heaven. Look at how, from the very first notes, music-video Drake lets Tucker's bass-baritone pipes whisk him away to a magic land full of bobs and shuffles (and, sure, premium coffee). As Tucker belts out, "I'm sure you'll agree," Drake even seems to be giving a thumbs-up. The piece de resistance: Drake flapping his hands as the opera ends, as if lifted by the aria. The two go together like Drake and "Degrassi."

Then there's Martin O'Malley. Oh, boy. The former governor's recent performance of Taylor Swift's "Bad Blood" inspired this silly quest, and searches for a suitable "Hotline Bling" clip proved just as daunting as O'Malley's run for the White House. The following clip is the best possible outcome. There's a promising start, a long and awkard middle, and an emphatic finish that feels like too little, too late.

Sorry, Martin. As Meek Mill will tell you, Drake's not for everybody.

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