Bird migration study claims orioles will flee Baltimore

The Baltimore Sun

I could see the headline as soon as I saw the tweet: NPR reports orioles leaving Baltimore.

But given Baltimore's history, that would be too much. There's no trifling with teams leaving Baltimore.

And we aren't talking about the team, though what a scoop that would be for NPR. This report is in relation to the birds themselves.

According to a report on NPR's Morning Edition this morning, a National Audubon Society study says migratory patterns for birds have changed so much due to global warming that the Baltimore region could soon be without the Baltimore oriole, a black and orange bird that symbolizes its baseball club.

A graphic that accompanies the story puts this shift as something that could happen by 2080, and in an accompanying interview, National Audubon Society president and CEO David Yarnold said the report is conservative, and other studies have the birds leaving much sooner.

But I think I need to be schooled on this from a local perspective. Would this matter to anyone? I like seeing Orioles as much as the next guy, but is there any added significance other than the team being named after them?

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