WWE's 'The Best of In Your House' is a fun look back at 1990s pay-per-view series

In Your House was a two-hour show that premiered in May 1995 that was designed to give WWE a monthly pay-per-view event. With it being shorter than the traditional three-hour offerings, as well as every IYH event having the same look and feel (at least in the beginning, anyway), you would think that they would be treated as, and perceived to be, second-rate WWE pay-pew-view events.

But there were many diamonds in the rough at these events. Shawn Michaels, for example, had many memorable and career-defining matches at In Your House. His match against Mankind at "In Your House: Mind Games" will always be one of the greatest matches of his career. He had a great brawl with Kevin Nash at IYH: Good Friends, Better Enemies. The first match on pay-per-view between HBK and The Undertaker took place at IYH: Ground Zero.


One of the most special crowd reactions in WWE History happened at an IYH. At Canadian Stampede in Calgary, for the 10-man tag team match between Team USA (Goldust, Legion of Doom, Ken Shamrock and Steve Austin) vs. The Hart Foundation, the ovation just got louder and louder as Brian Pillman, Jim Neidhart, the British Bulldog and Owen Hart made their entrances. Finally, the Saddledome hit a fever pitch when Bret "The Hitman" Hart stepped through the curtain. Pound for pound, it could be the loudest and most fierce ovation in WWE history.

The DVD/blu ray is a match compilation, with in-studio segments slotted in between. The host? A nice and fitting surprise. None other than Todd Pettengill, who was part of the WWE broadcast team during the mid 1990s. You can tell that Pettengill, who isn't a WWE employee anymore, is enjoying himself on the DVD with what seems to be little restriction.

The In Your House PPV series lasted 28 events, from 1995 to 1999, so if you weren't a fan of this era you may not particularly enjoy this DVD. However, you do get a rare collection of matches, some of which are often overlooked on other biographical DVD releases. You get tilts involving Stone Cold Steve Austin, Shawn Michaels, Mankind, The Undertaker and Hunter Hearst Helmsley. You even get to see HHH roll around in pig poop. Yes, you read that correctly.

Random Facts about In Your House:


The WWE title changed hands only twice at IYH: Bret Hart won the title at "Final Four," and the belt was vacated at "Breakdown."

** At the Third IYH, Shawn Michaels and Diesel unified every championship in WWE by winning the tag titles while holding WWE and Intercontinental gold, respectively.

** The very first Hell in a Cell was contested between Shawn Michaels and The Undertaker at "Badd Blood."

** The very first "Buried Alive" match took place in Oct. 1996 at IYH between The Undertaker and Mankind

** Goldust made his debut at IYH 4, defeating Marty Jannetty.

** The lights went out at "Beware of Dog," so WWE created a bonus event two days later, making up for the matches that were disrupted. One of the matches, a Caribbean Strap Match between Steve Austin and Savio Vega, led to Ted DiBiase's departure at the time from WWE.

** The Best of In Your House hits shelves Tuesday, April 30.

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