WWE Raw recap: John Cena, Daniel Bryan keep building to SummerSlam match

WWE Raw ended Monday night virtually the same way it ended two weeks ago -- John Cena raising the WWE title in the air (this time after beating Ryback in a tables match), and Daniel Bryan yelling "Yes" in his face, along with pretty much every fan in the arena.

Slowly but surely, there are cracks beginning to show in the armor of respect in this match -- though it will still be an underlying theme in this rivalry, there will be more intensity seen in the weeks to come. What we aren't seeing a lot of (rather who), is Randy Orton -- perhaps to have him escape our minds so that if/when he cashes in his briefcase at SummerSlam, it comes as a big surprise. Former WWE superstar Lance Storm (and current trainer at Storm Wrestling Academy, has an interesting idea for Orton's cash-in. He Tweeted -- have him do it during the Cena-Bryan match at SummerSlam... "you'll never see it coming."


This match is already a highly anticipated title bout, with Bryan pulling in the lion's share of interest.

What else you need to know from Raw:


* Rob Van Dam beat Fandango by count out. Not much Fandangoing going on this week.

* Kaitlyn beat AJ, which led to Dolph Ziggler beating Big E Langston by disqualification. AJ keeps getting crazier, and it's working. She's like a modern-day cross Sensational Sherri. On a side note, during the SummerSlam "picture as a kid/footage from today" vignette, AJ's kid picture looked like it was taken 10 minutes ago.

* Christian beat Alberto Del Rio. Both are great in the ring, and I have no problem watching these two face each other often. Christian for one more title match? I'm in.

* The Cody Rhodes/Damien Sandow feud is getting hotter. Sandow on SmackDown jumping into the Gulf of Mexico was gold. I've said this before, but I hope the Money in the Bank contract is on the line. Or, I hope that we forget about the briefcase, and someone else retrieves it, and cashes in. Hey, why not, stranger things have happened!

* Daniel Bryan beat Kane.

* Curtis Axel against R Truth was interrupted by CM Punk, adding fuel to the fire of his match with Brock Lesnar (another Paul Heyman guy) at SummerSlam.

* This wasn't from Raw, but I was pleasantly surprised by Total Divas on E! channel. It's well shot, and you see a lot from the world of WWE that's normally hidden, which makes the show more intriguing. The supporting cast make the show, with superstar cameos, etc. I could do without a whole segment at the beauty parlor, but hey that's time I am refreshing my Twitter timeline.

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