Jam-packed, 'brutal' edition of WWE Raw

As part of WWE's social media package on Raw, Tweets from fans and superstars (past and present) scroll across the bottom of the screen during segments.

One tweet in particular caught my eye last night.


The short tweet, composed by @JDaugherty1081, simply stated: "Jeez. #RAW is brutal tonight."

Justin Daugherty, who wrote the Tweet, was very proud that it made Raw. He noted on his timeline that he had applied three times to be a WWE writer.

"I guess I sort of got hired," he wrote in another Tweet.


The wording of the Tweet that was shown on television was deceiving. To some, it looked like an outright burial of the entire episode. To others (including, presumably, the WWE employees who allowed the tweet), the context of the word "brutal" was harsh, ruthless, severe.

I thought it was a very good episode of Raw that left a lot of questions on the table and some memorable moments. And it certainly was "brutal," compared to other recent episodes of Raw.

First, in the physical sense.

Randy Orton and Cleveland's own, The Miz, put on a great fight that included great sympathy from Miz's mother at ringside (his father was also there, but he stared more blankly than anything).

Dusty Rhodes got a KO punch from The Big Show, who showed great emotion in struggling with the decision -- this segment made me begin to really care about The Big Show's conundrum (ignoring the "Iron Clad contract" plot hole). The end of Raw saw half the roster clear out to beat up The Shield, who were trying to gang up on Daniel Bryan.

Then, the emotional aspect.

I mentioned The Big Show's emotional range already. Also, referee Scott Armstrong was fired by Triple H for making a fast count at Night of Champions, and Daniel Bryan was stripped of the WWE title. So, it is now vacant (Daniel Bryan now becomes the first superstar in WWE history to have more than one WWE title reign last under 24 hours).

Stephanie McMahon continues to be the better half as it pertains to promos from the "evil regime," chastising The Big Show and reminding him of his financial woes (I still jokingly think JBL will hire him and make him his subordinate), as well as creating a terrific back-and-forth with Dusty Rhodes.


For all intents and purposes, it certainly was a "brutal" episode of Raw.

What else you need to know:

** There was a Divas match, but the real story was AJ and Natalya on commentary, who talked back and forth (mostly AJ because Natalya's headset wouldn't work, and she could only rebut after borrowing Jerry Lawler's headset). This looks to be the next Divas title match.

** Speaking of title matches, The Usos are next in line for a shot at the WWE tag team championship belts.

** Dolph Ziggler got a win! Yes, the one who has been on a losing streak lately (and who suffered the most televised losses in 2012) finally picked up a W, against Dean Ambrose.

** Fandango, who seemed to have a pep in his step and an extra wide smile on his face during his entrance, defeated R Truth. Not sure if it was SD Jones-esque match winner foreshadowing before the bell, or if we are just seeing a gradual good guy change peeking through.


** Rob Van Dam pinned Damien Sandow. Much like Ziggler, the Money In The Bank briefcase holder is bulletproof to a certain extent, so expect Sandow to lose more before he cashes in, wins the World Heavyweight title and most fans forget about all of those losses.

** Seriously, The Miz's mother was great. She made me care deeply about him. There was one moment in which she closed her eyes before Orton hit his patented DDP. It was gold. A great example of #TheLittleThings that matter so much in WWE, that I often tweet about.

Speaking of Twitter, follow me @arda_ocal and watch my 25+ minute interview with Chris Jericho, which is full of interesting news and notes. It's worth checking out.