Sheamus shocks everyone At Money In The Bank

Everyone knew Roman Reigns was going to win the Money In The Bank ladder match. It was a foregone conclusion, and even the places that take bets on WWE events agreed. However, the WWE threw us a curveball at the beginning of the night, and the Celtic Warrior walked away with the briefcase.

It didn't always look like it would end that way, though. While the ladder match had its typical swerves and false finishes, it seemed like Roman Reigns was about to win after he cleared the ring and had an unabated path to the briefcase. However, Bray Wyatt cut in and took out Reigns. While Sheamus didn't immediately win after the interference, he did eventually take advantage and make it up the ladder to win the match.


Sheamus had to be considered a heavy underdog and it didn't seem like there was a logical reason for him to win. He had not been convincing in his feud with Ziggler, and he had just lost to Ryback in the Elimination Chamber despite going in with a big advantage. A case could be made that this is the most surprising result of a match since Brock Lesnar beat The Undertaker at Wrestlemania 30.

One has to question why Sheamus won. While you can certainly make the case that he could win the title in the next year, it seems like an odd fit. The title continues to revolve around The Shield trio, and with Lesnar coming back soon, that just adds another person to the mix.


Which leads me to believe there's going be a swerve involved. We know Lesnar is coming back. We also know that in the past, wrestlers have been forced to defend the briefcase. Why couldn't this end up being a setup for Lesnar to win the briefcase from Sheamus (giving us a great match that we haven't seen before in the process)? A faceoff with Lesnar for the briefcase would be extremely exciting, and be a logical step in the storyline.

No matter what happens from here though, the fans that have been crying about the predictability of the WWE should be satisfied ... at least for a few weeks.

The Rest of Money in the Bank:

**Seth Rollins retained his title after a hard-fought match with a creative ending. The match with Dean Ambrose was interestingly put together. The first two-thirds of the match felt more like a standard match, or at least a standard no DQ match. They almost never went for the title, or even brought out a ladder, and instead focused on grounding each other.

Rollins in particular was targeting Ambrose's knee throughout the match. This is something these two are becoming known for, as they also turned a lumberjack match into a brawl around the arena last year. Eventually, the two would meet on top of a ladder. Both of them had their hands on the belt as they unclipped it and started to fall, and Rollins ended up pulling it away midway down. This was a nice way to end the match, with Rollins getting a clean win, but Ambrose looking strong, going move for move with him the whole way.

**John Cena earned his win back against Kevin Owens, beating Owens cleanly in another excellent match. This match built on the last one, and it told the story of the two becoming more familiar with each other, and thus they were able to counter each other's moves more, and they had to go deeper into their bag of tricks to win.

Both wrestlers, but especially Cena, pulled out moves we hadn't seen them use before during the match. Cena, who had been getting increasingly frustrated during the match, finally was able to dispatch Owens with a third AA.

The aftermath was the most interesting part, though. Cena finally showed respect to Owens, saying he was a real champion. He raised his arm, and after a few seconds, Owens attacked Cena. He kicked him out of the ring and then, smirking to the crowd, he powerbombed Cena to the apron.


This move had put out several wrestlers for weeks down on NXT, so it will be interesting to see if Cena takes time off. While it's hard to see, having him staying away until after Battleground and then returning for a final match at Summerslam would be an exciting way to build the feud from here.

**We had a relatively surprising title change at Money in the Bank. The Prime Time Players finally ascended to the top of the tag division, beating The New Day. The New Day had to wrestle a man down, as Kofi was still dealing with injuries from the ladder match. This match featured Darren Young taking punishment for a good portion of the match until he could get the hot tag to Titus O'Neil. Once he got the hot tag though, Titus was a man possessed, clearing house, including bringing back The Pounce, which we hadn't seen in years, and eventually getting the win.

The Prime Time Players certainly deserved to be rewarded for what they've done over the past couple months, it's just a little surprising to see it happen here. It's safe to say that the New Day aren't going away, and it will be interesting to see what will happen next with this feud.

**Nikki Bella beat Paige after a Dusty finish. Once again, Nikki switched with Brie. This time though, when Brie tried to roll up Paige, Paige reversed it into a pin of her own and got the three. Brie immediately protested that it wasn't her though (including pulling out paper that she used to "stuff" her top), and the ref restarted the match, which gave Nikki an opening to hit Paige from behind and win. It continues to be a rather silly feud, and the finish almost feels like it was forced in to honor Dusty Rhodes.

**Ryback vs. Big Show ended in a DQ as Miz, who was sitting as  a commentator, attacked Big Show. Both Show and Ryback had attacked Miz throughout the match, and Miz took his revenge. Clearly this is leading to a triple-threat, and it wouldn't shock me if Miz ended up winning the title by the end of the summer.

**R-Truth beat King Barrett in the pre-show. After the match, Truth insisted that he was the King now, going over and having a back-and-forth with Jerry Lawler. If there was any doubt about it, Barrett definitely isn't rising up in the company any time soon.


**The show started with a 10-bell salute for Dusty Rhodes, with the entire WWE roster, Vince McMahon included, at the top of the ramp. The WWE also aired a tribute video for him, and as with all of the videos it does, it was incredibly well-done and powerful. I would highly recommend anyone reading this to go watch the video on its website if you haven't seen it yet.

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