Daniel Bryan's stock soars on Monday Night RAW

To long-time pro wrestling fans, this headline is no shocking discovery. Even to the WWE Universe, which is once again being reminded, it feels all too familiar.

Daniel Bryan is a mega star.


Hitting home runs in every match lately, including three matches on RAW -- beating Jack Swagger and having a fantastic match with Antonio Cesaro, before winning by DQ against Ryback -- Bryan keeps reaffirming the notion of many fans who want to see him as WWE champion after Summerslam is over.

What makes this upcoming match against John Cena even better is the interweaving of art and life -- there has always been the perception that mostly larger, built athletes get a chance at the holy grail in the "land of the giants" that is WWE. Main eventers in history may certainly back up this claim. There are certainly exceptions to the rule (Shawn Michaels and Bret Hart being two), but John Cena, despite being the tireless face of WWE, is also the face of this notion. Daniel Bryan represents the underdog, the smaller competitor (compared to the norm) who is the popular vote.


Most of the time, WWE rivalries and stories resonate most when they incorporate an element of truth and real life. John Cena vs. Daniel Bryan is one such example, and I'm looking forward to what's next here.

My prediction? Daniel Bryan wins the WWE title at Summerslam -- only for Randy Orton to cash in on him and steal the gold away. The new biggest bad guy in WWE is born.


** CM Punk and Paul Heyman were preaching to the choir of the majority of the WWE Universe already interested in Punk vs. Lesnar at the biggest party of the summer. Great verbal back and forth, exactly what you expect from the pair.

** Titus O'Neil was in action, losing to Christian, who is on a winning streak. Titus is destined to be a main event guy one day, mark my words.

** It seems we are gearing up for The Shield vs. Mark Henry/The Usos, which I dont mind because, this puts tag title challengers in the spotlight and in an intriguing situation against the champions.

** Cody Rhodes and Damien Sandow is interesting. I really hope the briefcase is on the line at Summerslam. Rhodes beat Fandango on RAW

** RVD beat Wade Barrett. Mr. Monday Night is amassing a win streak of his own.


** Alberto Del Rio beat Sheamus, with Sheamus' weak leg being the story. I liked the finish, where Sheamus buckled during a white noise and ADR rolled him up quick for the 1-2-3

** Miz TV had the Divas from the "Total Divas" reality show on E! While I'm looking forward to the show to learn what the audience is allowed to see, this segment wasn't great, and my interest slipped.

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