On Friday night, the WWE announced Carlos Colon as the latest inductee into the 2014 Hall of Fame.

While he's not the biggest name, especially to casual wrestling fans, Colon certainly deserves the induction based on his contributions to wrestling. However, he also brings some controversy.


To put it simply, Carlos Colon represents professional wrestling in Puerto Rico. He helped to start the World Wrestling Council, the biggest promotion in Puerto Rico, and was its booker and a wrestler for several decades. He won the title 26 times over his career there, and was far and away the most popular wrestler in Puerto Rico.

The promotion grew large enough that he constantly was getting wrestlers from the United States to come there, including legends like Ric Flair, "The Macho Man" Randy Savage and, by far his most memorable adversary, Abdullah the Butcher. His matches with Abdullah are still talked about to this day.

With Colon's credentials, it's somewhat surprising that he hadn't been inducted yet. The reason might be WWC's connection with the death of Bruiser Brody.

Bruiser Brody was killed in 1988 after being stabbed by Jose Gonzalez in the WWC locker room. Gonzalez was later found innocent by a jury in Puerto Rico after pleading self-defense.

There are many who feel that Colon helped Gonzalez get acquitted.

Wayne Keown, now known as Zeb Colter in WWE, was there, and he believes people in the WWC tried to keep the American wrestlers from giving statements to the detectives, and he didn't receive his subpoena for the trial until after the trial was already over.

Some also believe that, by pushing Gonzalez as a crowd favorite leading up to the trial, WWC contributed to his acquittal, as they were treated as royalty in Puerto Rico at that time.

Nothing conclusive directly ties Colon to Gonzalez's acquittal, but there's enough circumstantial evidence that many within the wrestling industry believe that, if it wasn't for Colon, Gonzalez would've been found guilty.

That controversy, plus the fact that he worked only very briefly for the WWE, is likely what delayed his induction.

The WWE, however, decided that it is a good time to induct him. Reports are that his sons, former WWE wrestler Carlito and current WWE wrestler Primo (now part of Los Matadores), as well as his nephew, WWE wrestler Epico (the other member of Los Matadores) will be his inductors, which have led some to wonder if Carlito will return to the WWE.

As a wrestler and promoter, there's no doubt that Carlos Colon deserves to be in the Hall of Fame. However, it will be interesting to hear what some of the older wrestlers think about his induction.

Do you agree with Carlos Colon's induction?

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