Capturing the best WrestleMania moments

There is no bigger event than WrestleMania. It is the Superbowl of WWE and professional wrestling. The "Grandest Stage of Them All" is where superstars, matches and memories are immortalized.

Ask any WWE fan, whether they are a new or longtime viewer, and they will have a favorite "WrestleMania moment." Ask any performer who has contributed to one of the 28 previous WrestleManias, and they will have their own "WrestleMania moment" from their career.

This is a collection of "WrestleMania moments," from those who have competed, announced, reffed, produced, and most importantly, watched, WrestleMania. Each participant was asked the same two questions:

1.) What is your favorite "WrestleMania moment" from your career?

2.) What is your favorite "WrestleMania moment" watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

Here are their answers.

Shawn Michaels:

1.) What is your favorite Wrestlemania moment from your career and why?

That always is the hardest question. I don't know. I've been fortunate to have a bunch of them. I guess now I'll lean towards the last one (WrestleMania 26). Standing in the ring for my final match, having the opportunity to take in 25 years of my career all at once, to be in a great place at that time and be thankful and appreciative of everything. It's almost like you're standing there and In your mind goes one of those WWE video packages.

My career was flashing before my eyes for days going into that. It was going on the entire time, the entire weekend. And it continued after that as well. You come across so many people who pick their "WrestleMania moments" from your career. I don't think you ever get a chance to reflect until the very end. WWE moves so fast. The next day after 'Mania, you're at Raw and you're already gearing towards next year. In that moment after the match, mostly what I did was look out and see the faces and multiply them times a million, thinking to myself, "man, you got to do this for a long time and do this in front of a lot of people." It's a pretty wild ride, all those moments.

I'm incredibly appreciative and flattered that so many people have picked my first one with 'Taker (WrestleMania 25) as their favorite moment. I'm always very remiss about saying a match was "great." It literally means nothing anymore. But that match for me ... driving back home from Houston, looking at my wife and saying, "Maybe that should have been the last one." I don't believe you can wrestle a perfect match, but that's as close as I ever came. It was a feeling that both 'Taker and I had. I'm flattered by the way people think. It's one of things, you don't want to say it yourself. I don't know if matches can be perfect. But it really felt like it was a 9.9999999.

2.) What is your favorite "WrestleMania moment" watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain and why?

There are a couple. I always go back to Savage and Steamboat at WrestleMania 3. That's the one that sort of influenced me. You had the Hogan vs. Andre main event, but Savage vs. Steamboat was the one that impacted me. I wanted to be "that guy." These weren't the two biggest guys on the card and they went out there and just "stole the show." At that time, there was no "showstopper," no "stealing the show" phrase. We were thrilled and in awe of Hogan/Andre, but the thing that lasted with you from that show was Steamboat / Savage. To me, that match is a top five all time, if not an easy top 10.

The next one was last year's Hell in a Cell (Triple H vs. Undertaker at WrestleMania 28). That's the first time that I've ever had the opportunity to ref at WrestleMania. Basically, had an opportunity to watch the match in the ring while reffing. Being away from the job and to watch it, the sheer brutality of what we do for a living day in and day out, especially at that moment, the "WrestleMania moment." I had a newfound respect for every WWE superstar. Everyone puts on such an amazing performance when it comes to WrestleMania.

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Zack Ryder

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

I'll never forget walking down that aisle for WrestleMania 28 and looking into the crowd and thinking, "Whoa I did it." I'm on the card at WrestleMania, I worked my entire life and sacrificed so much for this, no matter what happens tomorrow I'll always go down in history as having a WrestleMania match. It might be a meaningless 12-minute tag to everybody else, but to me it was like a main event. I made it to WrestleMania. That was definitely one of the greatest moments of my life.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

I'm sure a lot of people say this match: it's Shawn Michaels vs. Razor Ramon, their ladder match at WrestleMania 10. I was there at Madison Square Garden as a fan. That was the first time I saw a ladder match live and I think it was the first time there was a ladder match on pay-per-view. There were a few before that on a random shows, but to see the first mainstream one in WWE, I remember just being amazed with what they were doing with this ladder. I remember it was like mayhem; people were amazed with the things that were going on. Shawn Michaels doing the splash off the top of the ladder, stuff like that had never been seen before. Everyone was just in awe and shock. There's been so many ladder matches since, TLC matches and everything. But if you go back and you watch that ladder match, it's still one of, if not the best ladder matches ever.

Kofi Kingston

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

It was WrestleMania 25, the Money in the Bank ladder match. As a kid I would imagine myself being at WrestleMania, as a WWE superstar. The phrase "dream come true" gets thrown around a lot, but for me it really did. In particular, one of my last moments in the match where Mark Henry held up a ladder and I was running up trying to grab the briefcase, then Mark throws the ladder and catches me and gives me a World's Strongest Slam onto the ladder. As I hit the ladder, as broken as I was, I felt fulfilled because it really was a dream come true. It's a shame that night had to come to an end, but hopefully I will have more WrestleMania moments.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

For me it's WrestleMania 24, Shawn Michaels vs. Ric Flair. I got to watch that match live. It was Flair's final match in WWE. There was so much history in that ring, and who more fitting than HBK to have that match? Always loved watching HBK and always looked up to him. If I could wrestle anybody from any era it would be him. To see him and Flair have that match and watch it live, I mean, everybody had eyes on that match. Very rarely do we as superstars get to watch matches as fans, but this was one of those moments where I could watch the match among the live crowd and people didn't even notice where I was. I'm glad I got to witness that first hand.

David Otunga

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

It was when I walked out and they announced my name at WrestleMania 28. I walked out to the stage and down the ramp, it was unreal. You're never going to be in front of that many people screaming and cheering -- it's surreal. It was unbelievable and I will never forget that.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

I would say it was the Undertaker's matches. I've been in WWE the last three years. Seeing him with Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 26 and it being Shawn Michaels' last match, that was pretty amazing. And then Shawn coming back through the curtain afterwards, it was amazing to be there for that and congratulate and thank him.

Michael Cole

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

Of course WrestleMania 27 when I beat Jerry "The King" Lawler in the most riveting match in WrestleMania history. In fact, I am almost "Undertaker-like" in status being undefeated at WrestleMania. Seriously, though, probably being ringside and calling "Rock vs. Cena I" (at WrestleMania 28). The year-long build for that match and my close friendship with John really made it something special.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

The very first WrestleMania. I was in college at Syracuse University and a bunch of buddies and i went to the Landmark Theatre to watch it on closed circuit. It was packed and I remember saying I want to be a part of all this some day!

Howard Finkel

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

Ring announcing in front of 93,173 fans for WrestleMania III at the Pontiac (Mich.) Silverdome in 1987. To look around at the sea of humanity gave me a "taken aback" feeling, albeit a temporary one. But once I got rolling with my responsibilities for the event, it was truly an amazing and rewarding time for me to work in front of that many people under one roof.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

My favorite WM moment as a spectator has been being afforded the opportunity of witnessing the continuation of the streak of the Undertaker. Little did we know that back in 1991 with his victory over Jimmy Snuka at WrestleMania VII, that this was going to be the beginning of something very, very special, and become an integral part of WrestleMania's rich history. All of Undertaker's matches as part of "the streak" have stood out on their own unique merits, and will certainly be a part of defining his legacy in our industry.

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Jim Ross

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

My debut at WM9 was my favorite WM moment because after 19 years in the business I finally realized my dream of making it to the highest level of our profession. The entire experience was surreal: an outdoor event, a unique theme, the toga, working with (Bobby) Heenan and (Randy) Savage, and calling many talents' bouts for the first time. I loved the pressure and embraced the opportunity. Every WrestleMania brings with it moments exclusive to each event.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

Tougher question to answer. Likely many bouts would make the list, but Bret vs. Owen at WM10 in MSG stands out, as does Undertaker vs. HBK in Phoenix. Bell's palsy issues had taken me out of the game for those two events, which presented personal challenges with which I had to overcome.

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Pierre Carl Ouellet

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?
2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

I was 17 when I watched the first WrestleMania on closed-circuit at the Verdun Auditorium (a Montreal neighborhood). I remember I told myself after the show that somehow, someday, I was going to be part of the WWE and especially part of WrestleMania.

Ten years later, I was on the show, in New York City for WrestleMania X. Jacques Rougeau and I (as the Quebecers) were wrestling against Men on a Mission and it marked the debut of our feud, that would end six months later with Jacques' retirement match in Montreal.

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Honky Tonk Man

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

Performing in front of 93,000 people at WrestleMania 3. Performing in front of a crowd that large was very exciting and nerve-racking. You want to bring your best game because many eyes are watching your every move! The match with Jake Roberts was very good. We had a great crowd reaction and Alice Cooper being involved in the match made it even better.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

Seeing Andre The Giant being slammed by Hulk Hogan at WrestleMania 3. The Andre-Hogan match was indeed a monitor sell-out. Everyone backstage was glued to the TV. I showered quickly to make sure I had a good seat at that monitor. The backstage erupted with cheers as Hogan turned Andre over for the slam. History was made!

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Joey Styles

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

Without question, my favorite WrestleMania moment was Taz and I calling ECW Originals, Rob Van Dam, Tommy Dreamer, Sandman and Sabu winning at WrestleMania 23 in front of 80,000 fans chanting "E-C-Dub!" It was career validation not just for the individual wrestlers, but for ECW as a whole. ECW was and is the most memorable aspect of my career, and that match at WrestleMania 23 gave me goose bumps. I don't even remember what other matches were on that card ;)

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

I was actually a spectator from the bleachers, not from behind the curtain. I watched the first WrestleMania on the afternoon of March 31, 1985, live on closed-circuit TV (yes, I'm that old) at the Stamford High School gymnasium. A few hours later, I watched the replay on pay-per-view. I'm a typical Northeast professional wrestling fan -- I've always rooted for the bad guys. I couldn't wait to see Roddy Piper school Mr. T!

Sean Grande

What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

While I generally stay away from things that make me sound old, I'll use this hyphenated word, closed-circuit. That's how I watched the first four WrestleManias as a high schooler. It's actually something we miss now with PPV, the communal aspect of hundreds or thousands of people watching on big screens together. I was in Canada for the epic Money in the Bank PPV in 2011 with CM Punk beating John Cena in Chicago, and able to see it in a movie theatre. Quite the throwback.

But I suppose my real WrestleMania story is one I've never told before. The downside of my job in the NBA, of course, is that the schedule never allows me to attend the show. The year before I went in the league, though, WrestleMania 14 was in Boston. The problem, I was calling an NCAA Hockey Regional Final on radio ... in Albany, N.Y., which is about a three-hour drive. It was a 3 p.m. game. No way to drive. There was, though, a 6:30 flight that would give me a shot at it. So I did the only thing a lifelong wrestling fanatic would do. Yeah, I did it. I taped two closing segments to the game. One if Boston College had advanced to the Final Four, and one if the season had ended. When the game ended, my analyst and I did a couple of minutes, then I tossed to break, knowing my sign off had been taped before the game. I hopped a cab, made my flight and made it halfway through the Taka Michinoku opener.

In any case, any of us can choose 50 great WrestleMania moments that resonate, but the only one I saw up close and live was the start of the Stone Cold Era, a match that now makes me think first not of Steve Austin, or Mike Tyson's guest star stint that brought so many eyeballs to WWE that never left, but rather watching Shawn Michaels suffer through the match with what seemed like an irreparable back, put Austin over brilliantly as no one else could, all the while not knowing if we'd ever see him in the ring again.

History of course, is concrete. Michaels returned four years later and embarked on a second career, that like Michael Jordan's return to the NBA after two years away, was even better than the first. And like MJ, one that put him on top of the list of all-time greats. But that night, the concrete was very much wet cement. And that's the beauty of the WrestleMania moment. Every match, every year starts out with the possibility we'll remember it forever, a precious few end that way.

Maybe I should have done that post-game show live, but I had a hunch 15 years later I'd be happy with the choice.

I am.

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Jonathan Coachman

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

It had to be in Seattle (WrestleMania 19). I was the guest referee in the tag team pillow fight between Stacy Keibler/Torrie Wilson and the Miller Light Catfight girls, who had 15 minutes of fame. But it ended with MY pants down, which at the time didn't stink at all. I can say now that I have been de-pantsed by George Clooney and Alex Rodriguez's girlfriends. Which really isn't too bad...

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

It had to be in Toronto (WrestleMania 18). I had the pleasure of doing a skit with The Rock backstage, just moments before we were to see the two biggest stars of all time go at it in front of 68,000 fans. Rock made me say my prayers to mock Hulk Hogan. The best part had nothing to do with me. Those two then went out, and due to the response of the crowd, completely changed their approach to the match. They literally had the crowd in the palm of their hands. They didn't touch each other for almost 10 minutes and it was pure magic. I realized at that point that there are certain entertainers in this business that just transcend what most of us could even comprehend. The Rock and Hogan are two of those guys.

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Gerald Brisco

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

The time we went out to help Mr. McMahon. The crowd, the electricity that was flowing, it was the adrenaline that I experienced, the adrenaline high when we ran out on that big platform and stage. It's not at the very top of my favorite moments -- I would say winning the NWA tag team titles with my brother Jack is my biggest career moment -- but it ranks very high.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

Every WrestleMania there is that countdown right before the event starts -- 3-2-1 -- and everything explodes, the pyro hits, the music hits, it's electricity. The atmosphere and mood backstage changes. It's a mad rush, it's indescribable.

Two matches stick out to me. The first one is Bret Hart vs. Stone Cold Steve Austin from WrestleMania 13. It was the creation of the Rattlesnake. One of the most brutal matches I've seen, a thrill to watch. I was part of the production of that match, so it's special to me because I had a part in it. We weren't really surprised that it played out the way it did, with the "double turn." You never know how the fans will react until it's done. We thought that evening that we really accomplished what we set out to do and hit the points we wanted to hit. We were on the right track.

The second is Shawn Michaels and Kurt Angle in LA (WrestleMania 21). Shawn, he brings his 'A' game each time he gets into the ring, and brings his A+ game at WrestleMania. Being in there with Kurt Angle, Kurt had the ability to outwrestle Shawn. Shawn picked up his game to a level that succeeded anything he had ever done before. Shawn was an actual competitor and gave him competition in a wrestling match. It was two of the best performances I have ever seen. Shawn putting Kurt over to me was one of the greatest moments that any young aspiring competitor can watch and see, especially putting that ankle lock over. Kurt's response, Shawn's response during that whole thing. It was one of the best matches I've ever seen.

Dr. Tom Prichard

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

I participated in the WM 10 Free For All as a Heavenly Body with my partner Jimmy Del Ray at Madison Square Garden against the Bushwhackers, and at WM 12 in the Free For All in Anaheim, Calif., with Chris Candido as The BodyDonnas for the WWF Tag Championship against The Godwins. It was a huge letdown to be only in the Free for Alls, but at least I got to be there. WM 10 was cool because it was the first time ever wrestling in MSG. WM 12 was cool because we won the tag championship. But overall, I wish I could have been on the actual card!

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

Watching the first Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels in Houston (WrestleMania 25) was incredible. The crowd was hot and both guys left it all in the ring. The crowd was exhausted after that match and the story was right on the money. The entire building was shaking and in tune with the match. That was as close to perfect drama, storytelling and athleticism as it got for me. That being said, Brock Lesnar vs. Kurt Angle (WrestleMania 19) was great because everyone knew the competitive edge both had with each other and it had an explosive, real element to it.

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Tommy Dreamer

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

WrestleMania 23 in Detroit. To participate was a great honor. In real sports they say not a lot of men can make it to the World Series and call themselves champions. This kind of holds true with WrestleMania as well. From going to being a kid in attendance at WrestleMania to performing, having the match that we had there with the ECW Originals. At the end of the match when we won, I soaked it all in. Me and Rob Van Dam standing on the top rope, waving at our families. My wife and kids were up there.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

I was fortunate enough to be at the first WrestleMania, the one without a 'number.' It was one of the most exciting times in my life. The buzz that New York City had... It's funny, they used to show a clip of the escalator at MSG going up. Going up that escalator was one of the biggest things in my childhood. The sheer joy and anticipation of WrestleMania. I used to go to MSG a lot and see the matches. Mr. T getting involved in wrestling was huge. I had an amazing time as a fan.

The Iron Sheik

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

Don't insult The Legend. Everybody know I am The Real. Me and the Nikolai beat the two All-America jabroni, the Barry Windham and the Mike Rotundo, in the Wrestlemania No. 1. My best manager, God bless him, the Fred Blassie, he teach us how to draw most heat and how to be hottest thing in the wrestling. No matter what happen we make the world news and I become The Legend forever.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

I remember two time the business become biggest sport. When the jabroni, no good piece of garbage Hulk Hogan and the midget man Andre the Giant and the Sheikie baby, sold out the Pontiac, Michigan. We make most money in the business and every remember biggest show of the 93,000 people. Respect The Legend. Also I respect the my good friend, I love his family, The Rock when he work with the Hulk Hogan. He show he become legend like the Iron Sheik. Class. Both time make the world news and both time everybody remember the match like the Muhammad Ali.

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Diamond Dallas Page

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

One was driving my car in 1990 (at WrestleMania 6) for Honky Tonk and Greg Valentine, Rhythm and Blues. The car got the gig! A lot of guys came to my club, Norma Jeans. I had a '62 Pink Cadillac. I told Pat Patterson, who was looking for a cool car to bring R&B to the ring in about it. The car got the gig, not me. Pat called me up, asked how much would it cost, etc. And I basically gave it to them. I wanted my car to be in "the show." I asked if I could drive it. People only knew me from the AWA at that time, hardcore wrestling fans may have recognized me. What a great experience it was. It will always be a trivia question. Who ever thought that the chauffeur for Rhythm & Blues ended up being a three-time world champ. Then to come back 12 years later to WWE, to the same building (then known as the "Skydome"), working with Christian (at WrestleMania 18). You look at that match, if you watch us go, you don't know who is 29 and who is 46. I was really happy to work with him. He is an amazing athlete, an amazing character. We had the people in the palm of our hands. I didn't have the best run in WWE, but I'm really glad I had that WrestleMania moment. Just like The Undertaker, I'm defeated! (laughs)

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

There's two. One is Scott Hall vs. Shawn Michaels at WrestleMania 10. That match, wow. That match was unbelievable How they told the story, throughout that match, it was literally two great storytellers. HBK was seen as maybe the best ever. Scott matched him spot for spot, move for move. Knowing that they were best friends, that's where you get your best stuff. If you guys are out there, trying to get the people, the false finishes were amazing.

The other is Steve Austin's loss to Bret Hart (at WrestleMania 13). One of the greatest matches from a story sense of all time. Jake Roberts was the first anti-hero if you look back. For Steve to work with Jake in 1996, he took the torch and became the new anti-hero. The story Steve and Bret told, Bret slowly turning himself heel. For both to turn, that's Weird Science stuff! One became the babyface and one became the heel. Neither one really changed the character at all. That to me was an amazing match, and Jim Ross doing color on it all made it so believable. I think that's pivotal. When you have a great match going on and you have Gordon Solie calling it, you think it's real. When JR is doing play by play on anything Austin did, it was mesmerizing. Personally, I can remember being in the other company (WCW) thinking, "Wow, that's huge for them." Steve was so cutting edge. Everything was made for Steve Austin to become the rocketing superstar that he became.

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Jake 'The Snake' Roberts

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

It's a toss-up between being in the ring with Andre The Giant (at WrestleMania 5) and being in the ring with Alice Cooper (at WrestleMania 3). To be in the ring with Andre, though, was insane to even think it happened. We did the thing where he was scared of the Snake. The match went great. I had no problems with Andre. We had our headbutting thing. He tested me see what kind of man I was. Many would squeal like a pig and run facing that adversity. One time in L.A. (before WrestleMania 5) he got me in the ring and guzzled me, didn't give me a damn thing. I called him out on it. I said, "No doubt you can kick my ass -- we're talking about drawing money here. What you did was wrong." He looked at me and smiled. "OK boss, let's go." After that it was a pleasure, more than a pleasure working with Andre. I was doing things with him that other guys weren't doing. I was taught, a long time ago, play to peoples' strengths. I enjoyed working with him immensely. Except that one time in Montreal, he had a few too many to drink and he sat on me and farted. The fart lasted a good 30-40 seconds.

Alice Cooper I first met at a photo shoot in New York City, I think it was the Waldorf Astoria. I went up there. I was a big mark. "Oh my God, it's Alice Cooper!" And there he is, Alice Cooper, and he's looking at me doing the same thing! It was like two lovers meeting at the top of the hill. A real pleasure. I appreciate it even more today. At the time he was doing the sober thing, he had been through hell and back. I wish I would have listened to him back then, but I wasn't ready. Alice Cooper was scared (expletive) as we went to the ring. They put us in those carts that took us to the ring. As we were traveling down the aisle, this guy starts passing out! He's sliding down my arm, scratched me with those long nails. Later he told me it such an adrenaline rush. 93,000 people screaming. If it was a concert he'd know what to do, but it was a foreign place to him. Once we got in the ring, Honky Tonk Man started to mess with him, telling him to take off his jacket, so he did, and Honky and I laughed. His arms were toothpicks! I told him to put the jacket back on.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

Honestly, I didn't watch enough to give you a straight answer. But I'll say this. The next WrestleMania moment, it will be my next one. I will be back. If God wants me to, I want to perform at a future WrestleMania.

Jimmy Korderas

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

Without a doubt, refereeing the the main event of WrestleMania 24, the world title match between the Undertaker & Edge. For me, it doesn't get any bigger than that for a ref. Definitely my career highlight.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

As a fan, Steamboat/Savage from WrestleMania 3. The match was fantastic and holds up to any match from any era. Timeless!

From behind the curtain, Rock/Hogan WrestleMania X8. It was the greatest crowd reaction I have ever heard live at any event. I had to sneak out into the crowd to hear it first hand. Truly an awesome moment!

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Nelson Frazier

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

My favorite WrestleMania moment would be when WrestleMania went Hollywood (WrestleMania 21) and I participated in the battle royal. I got to kiss Lillian Garcia -- good time!

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

The match that made me want to become a wrestler was WrestleMania 3, Hulk Hogan vs. Andre The Giant! I don't think ever in history did fans want to see a main event more. You have a champion facing an undefeated giant. That match made my mind up and the very next year I started wrestling in junior high school.

In WWE, Frazier portrayed Mabel, Viscera, Big Daddy V and other characters. He has recently joined WWP in South Africa as well will be part of an event in Punjab, India in April with many pro wrestling stars.


1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

It would most definitely be my win at WrestleMania 9 at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas against Intercontinental Champion Shawn Michaels. WrestleMania 9 was a special event due to the set-up at Caesars Palace. As a company we were all looking forward to this event coming live via PPV to the world from Las Vegas @ Caesars Palace. We opened up the PPV due to the fact that Shawn and myself had worked many times previous to this matchup, and the office knew it would be an awesome match and set the pace for WrestleMania 9. It was an honor to be given this opportunity, as it was also an honor that this match was picked as one of the many great matches in WrestleMania history!

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

Wrestlemania 3, Randy Savage vs. my personal friend and mentor when I began wrestling, Ricky "The Dragon" Steamboat. Two technical greats and both friends! Savage and Steamboat was great due to the fact that it was two great technical workers who respected each other. Savage and Steamboat became very close friends of mine throughout my career and Steamboat was there for me after graduating Wrestling Camp from Monster Factory in N.J. during my whole first year prior to signing with WWE. I spent a lot of time with Steamboat on the road my first year, learning from him prior to going to WWE, and in addition I also trained at his gym every day in Charlotte, N.C.

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Colt Cabana

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

Although I've never had a match, I've obscurely been involved in many different Wrestlemanias. From being signed (to a WWE contract) at WrestleMania (23 in Detroit) to being a fake paparazzi to being a Druid. But i think my favorite WrestleMania moment was that of me being a fan. I was 16 years old and my father got my friend and I seventh-row seats on the aisle to WrestleMania 13 in Chicago.

Even though I was there to witness one of the greatest matches in 'Mania history (Bret Hart vs. Steve Austin), my favorite moment was the Chicago street fight between the Nation of Domination and LOD/Ahmed Johnson. The match itself was what it was. But it stood out to me for one specific reason.

This was my first WrestleMania moment. As the action made its way towards our seats, I realized Hawk (of LOD) was right next to me. I was from Chicago and this was a Chicago street fight. It's gotta be legal right? So captured forever on the tapes of WrestleMania 13, you can see me, 16-year-old Colt Cabana, give four solid punches to the back of Hawk, forever cementing my legacy at WrestleMania.

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Jimmy Hart

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

My favorite WrestleMania moment was my first WrestleMania moment and also the first WrestleMania. Had it not been successful, we wouldn't be going into WrestleMania 29. The whole show was so important to me. I went out twice that night, first with King Kong Bundy for his nine-second match with Greg Valentine, who was Intercontinental champion at the time. I was really excited. I was used to big crowds. I was part of the Gentrys, you know, but this was Madison Square Garden. This was the biggest gamble in the history of WWE. What a thrill, to share a stage with Muhammad Ali, Liberace, the Rockettes, my God. Vince McMahon gave me the chance of a lifetime and I'll never forget it.

Jimmy Hart is currently working with "Hogan's Beach" in Florida. You can follow him on Twitter @RealJimmyHart

Ron Hutchison

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

Without a second's worth of hesitation, my pick would have to be the Steamboat/ Savage wrestling classic from WrestleMania 3 in the Pontiac Silverdome. Much like the Buddy Rogers vs.. Pat O'Connor world title change at Comiskey Park in Chicago, this match should be a must watch for anybody even contemplating entering the pro wrestling business. Those two gentlemen showcased all that was good about our sport that night in front of the biggest live crowd in the history of the business (although some would tell you that India has drawn crowds of 100,000-plus as well.) The athleticism, story telling and emotion both men displayed in that match made me very proud to be associated with the business, and because it was showcased on the "grandest stage of them all," in front of that huge crowd, it got others talking about and realizing what spectacular athletes and story tellers professional wrestlers could be.

As far as specific WrestleMania experiences go pertaining to my students, we very rarely, if ever, discussed matches. At WrestleMania and other major PPVs, I would send out some "proud of you, continue to live the dream" type texts. However, the most memorable of those text exchanges, at least as they stick out in my mind, were a series of texts exchanged between Edge and myself, shortly after his WrestleMania 27 match with Alberto Del Rio, the match that would be Edge's retirement match in 2011. Of course those texts centered around his neck problems and forced retirement from the ring, and those exchanges pained me a great deal. My mood lightened a little though when he told me that he was "at peace with it" and suggested to me how lucky he was that things were caught in time before he may have had to spend the rest of his life in a wheelchair, or worse. And, of course, when you look at things from that perspective, a negative is definitely turned into a positive pretty quickly!

Also a quick text from Beth Phoenix in which she stated that she was just sitting in the stands before the doors opened and was looking around and reflecting on where she had come from and was ever so grateful to anybody and everybody that helped her get there is another text that I remember fondly. My memory doesn't recall whether or not that this text was sent specifically on a WrestleMania day, so it may well have been another big WWE PPV, but it is a text that I will always remember and think back fondly as very indicative of the girl who penned it.

Ron Hutchison is responsible for training Edge, Christian, Trish Stratus and several other top pro wrestling stars. He is based in Toronto.

Jason LaBarbera

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

I'd say my biggest or most memorable WrestleMania moment would be Hogan vs. Warrior at WrestleMania 6. I was a huge fan of both guys and always thought it was super cool that they would have two "good" guys face each other for not only the WWF title but also the IC title. The build-up was awesome, especially me being a 10-year-old kid. Seeing your two favorite guys go at it was real exciting. I was overly pumped when Warrior won. Seeing him hold up both belts with fireworks going and the crowd half excited and half in shock was something I'll always remember. Even though I watch the match now and realize it actually wasn't that good, as a kid, with the buildup and the characters those guys portrayed, it really had me fired up.

The other one which was more recent was being able to see Shawn Michaels vs. The Undertaker, part two, live at WrestleMania 26 here in Glendale. At the time I didn't realize that it actually would be HBK's last match, even though his "career" was on the line (you never know with those kinds of stipulations). I was never a huge fan of his (was obviously more of a Bret Hart fan) but i always enjoyed what he did in the ring. And to see arguably the best performer ever in the ring in his last match was also a great memory.

Jason LaBarbera is an NHL goaltender with the Phoenix Coyotes.

Tom Lawlor

What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

When trying to pick a favorite WrestleMania moment in the history of wrestling, it is almost impossible for anyone who is a huge fan. There are so many amazing occurrences and spectacles each year, never mind throughout history, however one stands above and beyond all other happenings. For me, it was seeing the WrestleMania debut of Brodus Clay live and in person! Ehhhh, just kidding. But seeing as I have attended two WrestleManias to date (and a third would be on the horizon if I was not fighting overseas hours before the event), last year's Undertaker vs HHH (WrestleMania 28) Hell in a Cell match cannot be overestimated in its greatness. I was witness to 70,000-plus people absolutely captivated for over a half hour in what was a goosebump-sustaining match for the duration. This is what WrestleMania, and professional wrestling, is all about. This match stuck out more than the others due to the crowd. There were literally people on the edge of their seat and standing for the duration of the match (including entrances, post-match,etc). The storyline being told with Shawn Michaels trying to help HHH overcome arguably their biggest combined adversary, yet still realizing it was his duty to call the pinfall was just superb. I also attended WM24 and the moment that stands out most from that event was Shawn Michaels "ending" Ric Flair's career with a superkick after uttering the words, "I'm sorry, I love you." Such a subtle and great moment that added a human element to the finish. Truly great, however the Undertaker/HHH match wins out.

"Filthy" Tom Lawlor is a Mixed Martial Arts fighter currently with the UFC. He once showed up to a weigh-in before one of his fights dressed up as The Shockmaster, complete with "trip."

Todd Grisham

1.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment from your career?

My personal favorite WrestleMania was 24 in Orlando. I got to hang out backstage with Snoop Dogg, which was certainly entertaining. Plus, as a boxing fan, interviewing Floyd Mayweather before his match against The Big Show was a highlight for me. Deep down, I, along with most people, thought that match had a chance to be a dud. But I was blown out of the water! Floyd was fantastic, the entire Citrus Bowl was rocking and The Big Show did everything possible to make it amazing. Which it was.

2.) What is your favorite WrestleMania moment watching as a spectator or from behind the curtain?

I think I have a tie for the best WrestleMania match I ever saw. The first, Undertaker vs. Shawn Michaels match at WMXXV, was off the charts good. If I had to show a non-WWE fan one match to try and get them to convert, that would be it. It may be the greatest match of all time, anywhere. As far as emotion goes, nothing can top Ric Flair's final match against Shawn Michaels (HBK is pretty good, by the way). When it was over, I saw several 6-8, 270-pound men openly crying backstage. The whole match was surreal. After all, it would be the last time we ever got to see Ric Flair compete in a wrestling ring. ... Oh, wait. Never mind.

Todd Grisham is the studio host of ESPN's Friday Night Fights, a SportsCenter anchor, ESPNews' Highlight Express anchor, and the host of's MMA Live.