WrestleMania's predictability sparks some outrage from WWE fans

The theme of Wrestlemania 29 might boil down to one word - predictable.

The build up was certainly that for many fans. John Cena and The Rock were always destined to face off again at Wrestlemania 29, one year after they had their "Once in a Lifetime" matchup. Brock Lesnar and Triple H were always foreshadowed to clash on April 7, a rematch from Summerslam 2012 with unfinished business. Fantasy bookers early in "Wrestlemania season" were calling for CM Punk vs. The Undertaker, which also happened.


After the event, the same word was thrown around: predictable. It unfolded exactly as expected. John Cena defeated The Rock and won the WWE championship, and now The Rock can go off and film "Hercules." The Undertaker remained undefeated at Wrestlemania, pinning CM Punk. Triple H kept his career in tact by disposing of Brock Lesnar (who is now 1-2 since his WWE return). Even the undercard matches were predictable. Fandango in his WWE debut always seemed set to beat Chris Jericho. Alberto Del Rio, with a strong Latino population in tow and a leveling off of Jack Swagger's interest, kept the World Heavyweight title.

Yes, much of Wrestlemania was predictable. But it makes me wonder: is it the fact that it's predictable that's the problem, or the fact that people's predictions didn't come true?


I was dead wrong about Dolph Ziggler cashing in, but I don't care. I enjoyed Rock vs. Cena II, because the last 10 minutes for me were a throwback to the Attitude Era. For a minute, John Cena became Steve Austin, trading attempts to land another finisher on The Rock, only to get one back from "The Great One".

Especially with Paul Bearer's passing being used in the storyline, of course there would be no end to Undertaker vs. CM Punk other than 'Taker paying homage by posing in front of the urn on the canvas, with "21-0" on the giant screens, in the shot.

Fandango is a new character who would benefit greatly from a victory over Chris Jericho, who is bulletproof in terms of wins and losses. Of course he should win.

Did I enjoy Wrestlemania? I watched it from the nosebleeds at MetLife Stadium, cold throughout the night (and rained on during the pre show), and I had fun. It wasn't the best Wrestlemania, it wasn't the worst Wrestlemania. It was Wrestlemania, par for the course. Everything was larger than life and presented in pristine fashion.

If you didn't necessarily care about the matches on the card, somebody did. In fact, more than  80,600 people did, making WM29 the second most attended Wrestlemania ever (behind Wrestlemania 3, and stop with the 'it's all a hoax' talk -- show me proof before you come forward with that). It was also the highest grossing event to happen at MetLife (12.3 million), shattering the old record, which was a U2 concert thatdrew 8.9 million.



The Miz beat Wade Barrett to become the new Intercontinental champion.


** The Shield beat Randy Orton/Big Show/Sheamus. Show KO punched Orton/Sheamus after the match. Good finish to keep The Shield strong.

** Mark Henry defeated Ryback after falling on him during a ShellShock attempt. Ryback delivered the "Wrestlemania moment" Shell Shock anyway after the match. Henry wins but Ryback gets the last laugh.

** Team Hell No defeated Dolph Ziggler / Big E Langston. Par for the course tag match. Dolph Ziggler is a champ and remains the internet darling.

** Fandango beat Chris Jericho.

** Alberto Del Rio beat Jack Swagger to retain the WHC.

** The Undertaker defeated CM Punk.


**  Triple H beat Brock Lesnar.

** John Cena won the WWE championship, pinning The Rock.


The scheduled eight-person tag match between Damien Sandow/Cody Rhodes/Bellas vs. Brodus Clay/Tensai/Funkadactyls did not happen, perhaps due to time constraints. John Cena and The Rock's entrances also seemed to be very abrupt.