With 'switch-hitting Jesus' gone, a look back at Matt Wieters' Orioles miracles

To properly frame Matt Wieters' now-concluded Orioles career, consider these three comparisons from early in the catcher's professional career:

  • November 2008, FanGraphs: "Matt Wieters: Joe Mauer With Power?"
  • May 2009, ESPN: "He is the switch-hitting Jesus."
  • March 2010, Sports Illustrated: "His teammates at Georgia Tech called him, simply, God."

Boy, that really escalated, huh? We have comparisons to an American League batting champion before Wieters ever reaches Triple-A, to the central figure of Christianity on the eve of Wieters' Orioles debut and to a supreme being before the former first-round draft pick's first full season.


Wieters ultimately was no divine force in Baltimore. Over eight years, he batted .256/.318/.421 with 117 home runs and 437 RBIs. It is not fair to call a four-time All-Star a bust. It is fair to call his Orioles career a disappointment in some respects nonetheless.

Along the way, there were some miracles, good and bad, large and small. From his at-the-wire signing in 2007 to his 2016 regular-season finale, there were many moments when Wieters tested fans' faith. Did he live up to the prophecies? That depends on what you believe in.


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