What they're saying about the Orioles

A look at what some other media outlets are saying about the Orioles:

** Joe Sheehan of Sports Illustrated says the Orioles should be sellers not buyers as the major league trading deadline looms:


You want to believe, because it's a great town and a great park and a great story. Here's the problem: findamentally, this isn't a good baseball team.

... Their good record in the first six weeks was driven by a bullpen, pitching, to a man, way over its head, and some late-game and extra-inning longballs that bolstered the team's performance in close games.


Those games are banked and keeping the Orioles in the race, but it's a mirage. . . There's not much here to sell -- 'hold' may be the better term to use -- but the Orioles have no business buying.

** Jeff Passan of Yahoo Sports says the Orioles should resist the urge to unload talent while the rest of the AL East goes into buy mode:

(The)Baltimore Orioles aren't playing out of their minds. So much so that it's unfortunate, actually, because they'd make a great sell candidate if doing so wouldn't murder a fan base that's already so alienated it should reside in Roswell.

Jim Johnson is a perfect sell-high guy, one year shy6 of free agency and excelling, and if the Rays hold onto (Fernando) Rodney and Huston Street signs an extension with San Diego, the relief market would pay top dollar for Johnson. It might be nice to sell off Nick Markakis, whose $15 million salary could be well-positioned elsewhere, but no chance that happens, owner Peter Angelos' irrational love for Markakis what it is.

Here's the thing: the Orioles aren't good enough to buy. Injuries rendered their rotation a mess, they've got a minus-44 run differential and no matter how great a job manager Buck Showalter and GM Dan Duquette have done -- and quite great is the answer -- sacrificing more surprising years for the quick high of one is impractical.

** lists the Orioles at No. 16 in their power rankings and says the O's have gotten hot at exactly the right time:

The Orioles finished the week with five straight victories over the Twins and Indians -- exactly the type of run periodicially required if they are to stay in the thick of the wild-card hunt through the dog days.

The momentum comes at the best time possible, with nine of their next 13 games (after Monday's game against Cleveland) being potentially impactful meetings with the Yankees and Rays.