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What they're saying in Philadelphia about Terrell Suggs' hit on Sam Bradford

Did you think Terrell Suggs' hit on Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford was legal? Or was it a dirty hit by Suggs?

The Philadelphia Eagles smacked down the Ravens, 40-17, Saturday night, but in checking out the websites in Philadelphia this morning, most of the talk was about Terrell Suggs' hit on Eagles quarterback Sam Bradford.

Most saw it as a dirty hit, including several Eagles players. Here's a sampling of what they're saying in Philadelphia:

Les Bowen, Philadelphia Daily News

Watching Saturday night’s replay, it’s hard to believe Suggs actually thought Bradford still had the ball, which is the basis for allowing the defense to hit the quarterback on that type of play.


Bob Brookover, Philadelphia Inquirer


Bradford's one action-packed series resulted in an 84-yard touchdown drive. He also survived a couple of vicious hits, including one he thought was a cheap shot at his knees by Ravens linebacker Terrell Suggs.


Zach Berman, Philadelphia Inquirer


Sam Bradford wanted to take a hit Saturday night. The Eagles quarterback never could have imagined the first one he withstood.


Martin Frank, The News Journal


Two plays later, Bradford was hit again, this time right in the chest as Brandon Williams barreled into him on an incomplete pass. Bradford was slow to get up and suffered a bloody lip. But he shook that off, too.


Reuben Frank,


Eagles fans everywhere held their collective breath when Bradford’s return to the NFL was greeted by Terrell Suggs of the Ravens, who grabbed Bradford by his twice-surgically repaired left knee and twisted him to the ground.


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