What is it with you people and Natty Boh?

The Baltmore Sun
You can still get Natty Boh at the ballpark, but it won't be as easy to find.

Can someone explain to this transplanted Marylander what the big fuss is about National Bohemian Beer?

I mean, it's one thing for Baltimore to be a provincial town that treasures anything from or about Charm City, but it's not even good beer and -- news alert -- it hasn't been brewed in Baltimore since 1996.

Still, a minor furor erupted on the Internet when rumors surfaced that Natty Boh was being taken out of Oriole Park. In reality, the Natty Boh Bar is going to be "rebranded," but those who still love crappy non-craft beer with a local history will be able to find it at the ballpark. It just won't be as easy to find.

So, let me get this straight. The Baltimore Colts left town more than three decades ago and local fans still hate them with an unparalleled passion and tell tear-jerking stories about that snowy night. Natty Boh jumped town two decades ago and everyone from hipsters to hand models have fallen into the grip of parochial nostalgia.

Sorry, I just don't get it, but I've only lived here for 26 years.

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