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Preakness 2015:

Water problem closes Pimlico bathrooms to Preakness attendees

Standing in line for a bathroom at Pimlico Race Course? Here's why.

A water issue at Pimlico Race Course affected utilities at the facility, shutting down several sets of toilets on multiple floors and causing backups at those still in operation.

Kurt Kocher, a spokesman for the city's department of public works, said the problem was on Pimlico property.

Security was turning away increasingly frustrated event goers. Those already inside were being allowed re-entry due to the lack of facilities.

Track officials pointed to a water main break two miles from Old Hilltop, and said city crews were working to restore water.

Kocher rejected the notion that a break two miles away was responsible for the limited issues at the track. 

Crews had dug up a portion of asphalt just behind the grandstands and city trucks were towing some cars to clear path.

Around 5:30 p.m., track staff announced that some water pressure had been restored to the grandstand but not all bathrooms were back online. 

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