Watching highlights, preparing for the NFL combine and going to the movies

Editor's note: Towson junior running back Terrance West declared early for the NFL draft after setting school records with 4,584 rushing yards and 86 touchdowns. The 5-foot-11, 223-pound Baltimore native is not enrolled at Towson this semester as he pursues the NFL and is sharing his draft experiences with Baltimore Sun reporter Aaron Wilson. This is the second in an occasional series leading up to the draft in May.

I tune it all out.


I don't really see all the hype and draft predictions and stuff like that. I take care of what I can control and putting in the work and stay focused on my goals. It's always nice when people say nice things about you.

When I watch my highlights, I'm like, "Wow, that's me out there putting in the work." It's crazy how I make plays in certain situations. I'm just blessed with a talent, and I'm moving forward with it. I had a great offensive line and I set up my blocks.


My grandfather is doing pretty good. The surgery went well for his stomach cancer. He's doing pretty good right now. I talked to him. He's really positive. He told me don't worry about anything. He told me to stay focused.

I feel like people don't really know that I've got great hands coming out of the backfield. I can really catch the ball like a wide receiver. I'm down here in Florida working out at IMG with [former Carolina Panthers quarterback] Chris Weinke. He told I've got great hands.

This week, we did a mock combine and I did pretty good on everything. I'm pretty pleased with the numbers I put up. I'm on a good path right now for my goals at the combine. When the combine comes, I'm going to have my adrenaline running. It's going to be amazing to represent Towson.

This week, we're going to get after it, but with lighter weights to get our bodies and legs back to be fresh for the combine.

Sleep is really important. It's definitely one of the major keys of being successful and having your body heal. If you don't get your rest, that's when injuries come.

Nutrition is big down here. We focus on nutrition and eating healthy. We eat nothing but healthy food, vegetables. Everything we eat is lean. I'm feeling kind of light, but I'm maintaining my weight at 223. I'm feeling good.

I go to the movies sometimes at the mall to relax and get my mind off of football. The last movie I saw was Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit. It took forever to get to the action. Ride Along was pretty good. Kevin Hart was pretty funny, he made the movie. Ice Cube was just OK.

I like Twitter (@Terrancewest28). It gives me the opportunity to talk to the world and express my mind. It's an outlook talking to other people who don't me, but they listen to me. I want to give a positive vibe.


I was at Fork Union Military Academy for a year coming out of high school and you couldn't leave campus. I didn't have the greatest outcome there I could have had as far as scholarships, but I played against elite guys and had a nice experience.

I'm glad I did that.

I saw I could play on the next level with guys like [Virginia offensive tackle] Morgan Moses and [Ohio State running back] Carlos Hyde. It gave me more confidence.