Singing sheep, talking oranges, Walken closets: Watch Super Bowl 50 ads

Super Bowl 50 probably will be a little boring: Two top defenses playing. Peyton Manning flailing about. Jim Nantz and Phil Simms talking. And don't get me started on Coldplay.

That's why it's important you get the important stuff out of the way. I'm talking, of course, about preparing for the Super Bowl's many awesome and awful ads. Since your friends will be chewing loudly on nachos or asking why Gary Kubiak hasn't put in Brock Osweiler yet, there's no better time than now to check out what the big game has to offer when no one's playing. Here are 10 ads you'll be seeing Sunday.


Honda Ridgeline

You'll like it if you like: Freddie Mercury, animals pretending to be people, truck-bed audio technology.



You'll like it if you like: Drake in oversize sweaters, "Hotline Bling" dancing, lawyer jokes.


You'll like it if you like: Kevin Hart covering another 5 percent of the media landscape, a surprisingly eventful first date, obsessively tracking your children's whereabouts.


You'll like it if you like: Willem Dafoe's upper thighs, "The Seven Year Itch," Eugene Levy cameos.


You'll like it if you like: Notoriously frank and insensitive British ladies, hearing the word "pillock," getting lectured about drunken driving and not an alcoholic beverage's merits.



You'll like it if you like: John Krasinski's dulcet tones, retweeting, commercials you would expect to see in between airings of "Judge Judy."

Kia Optima

You'll like it if you like: Wordplay, sock puppets, hearing Christopher Walken say the word "pizzazz."

Shock Top

You'll like it if you like: That hairy dude from "Silicon Valley," dressed-up "Yo Mama" jokes, commercials that go on 30 seconds too long.


Audi R8

You'll like it if you like: Old guys staring, David Bowie singing, goosebumps.

Michelob Ultra

You'll like it if you like: Attractive people sweating, deep breathing, conflating the experiences of exercise and drinking beer.