Undertaker takes his final ride at WrestleMania

Since 1990, there has been one constant in the WWE: The Undertaker. On Sunday night, that constant seemed to come to an end as The Undertaker left his hat and coat in the ring, and walked away.

Undertaker's match with Roman Reigns ended up getting major fanfare. It was the main event of the evening, and Jim Ross was even on commentary. The match was back and forth for a while, but the last few minutes saw Roman Reigns being completely dominant and Undertaker finding ways to barely kick out. However, Undertaker was dominated, and finally Reigns put him away.


The main part happened after the match though. After Reigns left, the lights went down. Undertaker was given his coat and hat again. He stood to the adulation of the crowd and looked around at everyone. He slowly took off that coat and hat, and laid them in the ring. Then, as the crowd chanted "Thank you, Taker" he made his way up the ramp for the final time.

The Undertaker's legacy is one that's nearly unmatched: 26 years of being a major player in a single company. You can say a few other people were bigger stars, but almost nobody had that sort of longevity. He had been only a sporadic presence, but the fact that you could count on him at Mania was a major factor for many wrestling fans. For anyone who is 30 and under, there literally hasn't been a time in their wrestling fandom that The Undertaker wasn't a part of their lives. I didn't see any tears at Camping World Stadium in Orlando, but I definitely saw some that seemed to be barely holding them back.

It's truly the end of an era. There aren't many you can say that about, but The Undertaker qualifies. Now the question becomes where do they go to fill the void.

The Rest of WrestleMania:

-The biggest non-Undertaker news from Mania was the return of the Hardy Boys. Matt and Jeff were added to the RAW tag team title ladder match, and won the titles on their return. Their return, of course, comes in the midst of one of their hottest stretches as the Broken Hardys. They came back as the old Team Extreme Hardys, but with the entire stadium chanting "DELETE" and "Brother Nero" the whole night, it wouldn't surprise me to see some of the broken brilliance make their way to the WWE.

-Both of the top titles switched hands at WrestleMania. Randy Orton beat Bray Wyatt cleanly. The most notable thing about the match was the use of the odd supernatural elements. Periodically throughout the match, the lights would go off, and there would be odd projections in the ring. However, Orton was able to get the win.

Also, Brock Lesnar beat Goldberg. This wasn't the complete squash match of the past between these two. Goldberg got an early advantage with several spears, including one through a barrier. He hit a jackhammer, but Lesnar kicked out. Goldberg went for another spear and Lesnar jumped over it, then took advantage with many suplexes in a row, and then an F5 for the win.

-Those weren't the only titles to change hands. Naomi won back the Smackdown women's title on Sunday night, becoming a two-time champ in the process.

-Seth Rollins got a measure of revenge against Triple H, in what might have been the match of the night. The two brawled and used plenty of weapons. The end featured Stephanie trying to hold Rollins for Triple H to attack. Rollins moved, and then shoved H into Stephanie, who crashed into a table that had been set up before. The distraction was enough for Rollins to hit a Pedigree on Triple H for the win.

-John Cena and Nikki Bella beat Miz and Maryse in the mixed-tag match. To nobody's surprise, Cena proposed after the match.

-Bayley successfully retained the RAW women's title in the fatal fourway against Charlotte, Sasha Banks, and Nia Jax. They all dogpiled on Nia Jax to start the match, then Charlotte eliminated Sasha, and Bayley was able to hit the elbow drop for the win.

-Kevin Owens won the U.S. title, beating Chris Jericho. The match ended as Owens was able to powerbomb Jericho into the apron for the win, and presumably putting Jericho out of commission for a bit.

-AJ Styles beat Shane McMahon in the open of the main show. This was what you would expect from the match, as there was a ref bump that allowed some weapons to come out, and Shane to do some wild bumps.

-Mojo Rawley won the Andre the Giant Battle Royal. He received some assistance from Rob Gronkowski, who was sitting ringside and ended up jumping the barrier after Jinder Mahal threw a drink in his face.


-Dean Ambrose retained his IC title against Baron Corbin.

-Neville retained his title against Austin Aries. It seemed Aries would get the win, until Neville raked the eyes and was able to hit a Red Arrow for the win.

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