Tebowmania rocks the Big Apple; is Sanchez a Dead Quarterback Walking?

The world's nicest NFL Player met the New York media Monday and charmed everyone in the room. And considering the room was the cavernous Jetsindoor practice facility, crammed with enough TV cameras, tape recorders and notebook-wielding reporters to cover a papal visit, this was no small feat.

At probably the biggest news conference ever held for a backup quarterback, Tim Tebow said all the right things to the howling jackals of the press, as you knew he would.


He was folksy and humble and open and aw-shucksy, just what you'd expect. How many times did he say he was "excited" to be a Jet? I lost track after 10.

He talked up Rex Ryan as if he were Vince Lombardi and acted as if he'd run through a wall for the big lug already. He said he'd get along fine with starting quarterback Mark Sanchez and that the two were already great friends, but that he intended to compete for the starting job.


He explained the process of how he ended up in New York after the Denver Broncos signed Peyton Manning and professed enormous respect for everyone involved.

Good for Tebow -- he was a big hit.

But now the Jets will spend months dealing with the dreaded Quarterback Controversy, answering endless questions about Sanchez's status, Tebow's status, who looks sharp in mini-camps and training camp, who doesn't, etc.

And if Sanchez and Tebow aren't driven absolutely insane by all the scrutiny by then, the minute the season starts and Sanchez throws a pick, the ever-patient Jets fans will be screaming for Ryan to dump Sanchez in the nearest Meadowlands marsh and bring in Tebow.

Hoo, boy.

Watching Tebow calmly and graciously answering questions yesterday, I felt like someone watching the beginning of a movie and already knowing how it would end.

And it might not end well for Sanchez.