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With the Ravens running the ball just twice in final 34 minutes of the game, the Bills had been getting the green light to chase after Flacco. They sacked him four times and hit him eight other times. In doing so, they were speeding up his internal clock, forcing him to get the ball out sooner than he would like. "[When] you don't have a chance to let things develop, then you've got to push the ball somewhere pretty quickly before the route develops," Harbaugh explained Monday. "For instance, if we're running some kind of a high-low route, if you don't have time to let the high route develop, they can jump on the low routes pretty quickly. ... That happened on a couple of them where he didn't have a chance." One of those instances was Flacco's final interception, when the Bills quickly collapsed the pocket with a four-man rush. Flacco was not hit, but Bills star Mario Williams got a step on right tackle Michael Oher. The Bills were in what appeared to be quarters coverage on the trips side, with the outside cornerbacks dropping deep down the sidelines and the two safeties patrolling the deep middle of the field. The Bills shaded former Ravens safety Jim Leonhard deeper on Smith's side and cornerback Brandon Burton bumped Smith at the line of scrimmage, forced him to the outside and then trailed him down the right sideline. Their two linebackers -- one of them rookie Kiko Alonso -- and nickel corner were in intermediate zones.
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