Don Markus, reporter

Kansas 71, Kentucky 69: There are some coaches who are destined not to win a national championship. Not saying that John Calipari is the Guy V. Lewis of his generation, but Bill Self coached a less talented Jayhawks  team over Calipari and Derrick Rose-led Memphis to win it all in 2008. It's going to happen again.


Chris Korman, content editor

Kentucky 67, Kansas 55: This Wildcats team is no different than most of the teams John Calipari has led to the Final Four. It is built around future pros making only a pit stop in the college game. But he figured something out this time around and found a way to get these players to buy into their roles. When I first watched Michael Kidd-Gilchrist a few years ago, he was the very best player on the floor at a LeBron James camp in Akron. But with Kentucky, he's a glue guy. In high school, Marquis Teague WAS his team's offense. But he's grown into more of an actual point guard, and helps orchestrate the offense. It's reasonable to doubt Calipari's in-game coaching ability compared to the Jayhawks' Bill Self, but the Wildcats are too talented – and have been too well-coached to this point.

Kevin Cowherd, columnist

Kentucky 72, Kansas 62: Oh, they'll be rioting -- happily -- near the Kentucky campus tonight. The one-two punch of Player of the Year Anthony Davis and Michael Kidd-Gilchrist will be too much for the Jayhawks. So will the Wildcats' fastbreak, which looks like something out of the Magic Johnson "Showtime" Los Angeles Lakers when it gets going.

Matt Vensel, blogger

Kentucky 76, Kansas 70: Bill Self is getting the most out of a good Jayhawks team, but the Wildcats have too much talent. I'm going to go out on a sturdy limb and predict a double-double for Anthony Davis as John Calipari gets his first NCAA title.

Peter Schmuck, columnist

Kentucky 76, Kansas 71: If the Wildcats come to play, they will come away with the title. Kansas needed too much help from Ohio State to get past the semifinals.

Ron Fritz, head of sports

Kentucky 85, Kansas 70: The Jayhawks played a terrific second half in coming back against Ohio State Saturday, but if they fall behind like that to Kentucky they won't be able to catch up. The Wildcats run them out of the arena tonight.