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  Edwin Mulitalo has started at left offensive guard in all 18 games for the Ravens this season. The 6-3, 340-pound second-year player has become known for spreading "Festivus" cheer during the Ravens' run to the playoffs. Mulitalo joined the team as a fourth round draft pick in 1999 and played in 10 games last year, starting eight.

SunSpot: Edwin Mulitalo will be joining us at noon on Friday.

SunSpot:Thanks for joining us Edwin and congratulations on the season. We've received many questions for you, so let's get to them. Many people have asked about Jamal Lewis and the running game. What do the offensive line and Jamal have to do to get the running game going on Sunday?

Edwin Mulitalo:We keep the same plan. Our focus is going to be on blocking and staying on our guys. As for me, we just basically have to look at the games we ran the ball well and continue to do those things.

Jesse, Baltimore: How many points do you think the offense needs to score against the Raiders to win?

Edwin Mulitalo:I think all we need to score is between 21-23 points. I have faith in our defense and confidence in them to keep the opposing team under that. If we can put drives together that produce 3 TD's and a field goal our defense is good enough for that.

Kup, Baltimore: Are you worried about a lawsuit from the producers of Seinfeld [regarding the Festivus reference]?

Edwin Mulitalo: No. I haven't heard anything from the Seinfeld crew. I don't think we're using it derogatory to their show. It's something fun.

Dennis, Lancaster, Pa.: Edwin, how do you think the Ravens offensive line matches up to the Raiders defensive line?

Edwin Mulitalo:We match up well.

AC, Indiana, Pa.: Are the guys fatigued and is there enough in the tank to prove the skeptics wrong?

Edwin Mulitalo:There's always a certain type of fatigue at this point of the season. I'm a young guy, this is my second season, I know I'm tired.

Andy, Elkridge: How does playing next to Jonathan Ogden affect your game?

Edwin Mulitalo:It's a big help, especially last year. When you play around Pro Bowl-types, your play goes up another level. I hope I complement him on his play. I know I'm just a second-year guy and still learning. It's helped me out a lot.

Jimmy, Chatham, N.J.: After watching all the Ravens games this year, I've noticed that the team is fresher physically than many of our competitors. Why? Do the Ravens have a different practice regimen than other teams?

Edwin Mulitalo:Coach Billick has a system where he saves and prepares his guys for the end of the season. He doesn't try to kill us. He tries to keep us fresh. He'll maximize time on the field so it's not the quantity, but the quality.

Wally, Baltimore: Is there a nickname that the team has come up with that they call you?

Edwin Mulitalo: No, there's no nickname for us.

Jay, Florence, Ala.: Which position, defensive line or offensive line, do you think has the advantage at the snap? The O-line knows the snap count, but the D-line doesn't have to protect anybody?

Edwin Mulitalo:Depends. We have an advantage because we know the snap count, but if the crowd is into it, we might not hear it anyway. That's an advantage the defense might have.

Nathan, Baltimore: As a recent graduate of the University of Arizona I am a little disappointed in the decision of Coach Tomey to resign. What are your thoughts, if any, and how do like Baltimore compared to good ol' Tucson?

Edwin Mulitalo:I loved Tucson and my time there. Coach Tomey is an awesome coach, he's always been honest with me and the players I've known. As we all know, if you don't win games, you don't bring in the money and you see a repercussion to that. It's not because he was a bad coach. It's just some things don't happen.

D. Peterson, Woodstock:Which will be more of factor against the Raiders- the defense stopping Oakland's rushing offense or Baltimore's offense making big plays like the defense?

Edwin Mulitalo:It's going to have to be our offensive line dominating the line of scrimmage.

Matt, Ephrata, Pa.:Many observers have given the Raiders a big edge because of preparation time. At this stage of the year isn't film study more important than actual practice?

Edwin Mulitalo:Breaking down film is probably more important. But it's a war out there and nobody's going to let down. It's like the wounded dog scenario, you don't want to mess with a wounded dog. We all know whoever's winning is going on to the Big Dance and if you're not there, you're not anybody.

Fan, Baltimore:How bad does crowd noise really effect your play?

Edwin Mulitalo: Depends. There's got to be a point where you focus and tune out the crowd. I think we have an edge because we've been on the road so many times in other hostile environments such as Pittsburgh and Cleveland.

Aleck, Leesburg, Va.:The running game has improved a great deal this year. Yes, Jamal is special but I see the line working much better together this year. What changes did the team make from run blocking, last year to this year?

Edwin Mulitalo: It's the whole chemistry of offense. Unlike defense, guys can freelance more or go on instincts. In the offense, it's like a watch with all the little parts moving together. If one is off, you're going to have the wrong time. If one guy isn't doing his assignment right, the whole unit cannot perform. I think learning the offense another year has made a lot of difference. That's a big factor.

Jim, Baltimore: Do you think teams in the AFC Central are more physical than those in the West?

Edwin Mulitalo: I don't know. All I know is when we played against Denver, it seemed like we out-physicaled them. I'm just familiar with the teams we've played.

The Man, Sect. 519: What was your reaction to the scene at the airport and around town in general?

Edwin Mulitalo: It's phenomenal. I've never been a part of this much excitement for anything like. This really sparked Baltimore and I think it will have a long-term effect for the Ravens. It was great to see all the little kids out there.

Fan, Baltimore: In studying Oakland, what do you see as their strengths and weaknesses?

Their balance on offense is one of their biggest strengths. Their passing and rushing attack does well against other defenses. They have great D-backs like Woodson and Pope.

Tony, Reisterstown: What has Trent meant to this team, as a leader and a player? He seems to have a lot of confidence.

Edwin Mulitalo:He's a guy who's big on positive thinking and I think we need that with our offense. He keeps coming out in the huddle and expects big things from us. Our older guys who have been to Super and Pro Bowls like Shannon Sharpe and Harry Swayne have a positive vibe around them too.

SunSpot: Thanks for joining us Edwin. Have a safe trip and good luck on Sunday.

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