Which NFL quarterback do you most love to hate?

The showcase games in Week 8 were headlined by some of the least popular quarterbacks in the league.

Sunday's game between the New England Patriots and the Pittsburgh Steelers pitted two vastly different QBs -- in both their style on the field and the way they have carried themselves off of it -- against each other.


Tom Brady, he of the Uggs boots and once a noted endorser of Bieber bangs, is a pretty boy quarterback with three Super Bowl rings (and a supermodel wife) who drives the Ravens wild whenever he whines to the zebras about them hitting him too hard. Meanwhile, Ben Roethlisberger, whose non-football personal fouls have been well-documented, well, there is nothing pretty about him. He has been just as successful as Brady, though.

Roethlisberger and the Steelers won the matchup, 25-17, on Sunday, and will face the Ravens this weekend.


In Sunday's nightcap, Michael Vick and the Philadelphia Eagles ran laps around Tony Romo and the Dallas Cowboys.

Vick was the NFL's Comeback Player of the Year last season, becoming the only player in the short history of the award to win it for playing well after a stint in prison. Many dog lovers will never forgive Vick for his crimes, and I can't say that I blame them.

Romo isn't really hated, but he has been the butt of many jokes for coming up small in big moments the past few seasons (and for romancing celebrities Carrie Underwood and Jessica Simpson).

Then on Monday night, Philip Rivers fumbled away a win for the San Diego Chargers in the final minute of the fourth quarter in a 23-20 overtime loss to the Kansas City Chiefs. The folks I follow on Twitter had no sympathy for the talented loudmouth.

Even Donovan McNabb, who didn't play a snap for the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday, made headlines when he complained to NFL Network about how he was treated in Philadelphia and D.C. and Minnesota. And it's that lack of self-awareness and accountability that makes McNabb my least favorite quarterback in the NFL.

Unfortunately, McNabb probably won't be in the league for much longer, so I'll have to find a new quarterback to despise.

What about you? Which NFL quarterback do you love to hate?

(I really hope none of you say Joe Flacco…)