Which Ravens player has the most to lose Thursday night?

Thursday night's preseason game against the Falcons won't be all that entertaining for Ravens fans who want to see Ray Lewis, Joe Flacco and Ed Reed play four quarters of football. But it's a critical game for players on the roster bubble, and for the "camp body" guys who would be thrilled with a spot on the practice squad.

Jobs will be earned. Starting spots will be secured. Lifelong dreams will be realized, and they will be ended.

So who has the most to lose in the preseason finale? You could make a case for dozens of players.

Tyrod Taylor has a chance to show the Ravens that he can be their backup quarterback, and if he does, he will be one injury away from the starting lineup. Marcus Smith and rookie free agent LaQuan Williams appear to be vying for the sixth receiver spot. Bryan Mattison is looking for a permanent promotion from the practice squad. And the competitions in the secondary are undecided.

Jalen Parmele. Torrey Smith. Domonique Foxworth. Lamar Divens. The list of players with something to prove -- exactly what depends on the individual circumstances of each -- goes on and on and on.

Heck, even the Baltimore media needs to prove we can get through a preseason game without breaking down Flacco's every move. What's next? Dissecting his body language during the pre-game meal? Oh man, that lukewarm chicken parm really rattled him.

So if you plan on tuning in for this otherwise meaningless exhibition, which players are you going to focus on? I know you're not going to be scoreboard watching -- at least you shouldn't be in this one.

Your turn: Which Ravens player has the most to lose Thursday?

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