Your turn: Are you ready for some football to finally begin soon?

The NFL players and owners are reportedly oh-so close to reaching a new collective bargaining agreement that will unlock the doors to stadiums and practice facilities so we can get back to football as we know it.

I never expected the season to get delayed. I've said all along that this would be a deadline-driven deal, and that the conflict would get resolved once the season neared (I wasn't in the minority by saying that).


Still, I don't know about you, but the lack of offseason workouts and free agency this spring and knowing that I won't get to travel to Westminster for Ravens training camp has thrown off my biological clock. I have started receiving invitations to fantasy football leagues and the buildup for Ravens-Steelers in Week 1 has already begun with Twitter and talk radio chatter, but it still hasn't set in that the NFL will start back up soon.

Maybe I'm in the minority in this one, maybe it just feels differently for me because I cover the team and my life gets more hectic once two-a-days begin. But does the lockout have you out of sorts, too?

And I have another question for you: Has the lockout turned you off to the NFL even though it looks like no games will be missed? Are there any fans out there who plan on boycotting this season?

I might not be ready for some football at the moment, but once a sure-to-be-chaotic free agency period begins and the Ravens officially open the doors to the Castle, I'll snap out of my malaise.

Don't get me wrong, I'm thrilled that we will have a resolution soon, and it's not just because I will have more to write about on the blog. As a fan and fantasy football aficionado, I need the NFL in my life.

This offseason has been a serious buzzkill, though.

Your turn: Are you ready for some football to begin -- finally?