Ray Lewis: Hollywood's next great action hero?

A few months removed from his popular appearances in those amazing Old Spice commercials, Ravens linebacker and action hero Ray Lewis is at it again. This time, Lewis has teamed up with Saints quarterback Drew Brees for a Pepsi Maxx commercial in the form of a two-minute movie trailer for a fictional movie entitled "The Bottle Attacks!"

Well, at least I think it's fictional. I really wish it wasn't, though.

While blowing up Saturn for Old Spice, Lewis showed America his sense of humor and that he doesn't take himself too seriously. Here was the most feared man in football wearing nothing but soap bubbles and riding a giant rocket-powered raven through outer space. The videos became a viral sensation and helped change the public's perception of Lewis, who is still stigmatized after his guilty plea for obstruction of justice.

While appearing on ESPN's "First Take" back in September, Lewis was asked about the possibility of getting into acting after his football career is over. "You know what? I am looking to do some other things after the game is done," said Lewis, flashing a grin we may one day see on movie posters.

And perhaps the trailer for "The Bottle Attacks!" is a sneak preview of things to come should Lewis go to Hollywood.

In the video, embedded below, Lewis and Brees do battle with a new Pepsi Maxx bottle as it attacks -- well, kind of -- guests at a barbecue. As he and Brees fight to stop the bottle that is taking their friends "aback" with great taste, Lewis delivers again. He has some great one-liners, including "I know! It's freaking amazing!" and "That's not possible, Drew Brees!" Lewis' amusing performance makes the commercial work.

So what does the future hold for Lewis?

I'm not sure if he can make the crossover to being a full-on action hero like his Miami buddy Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson did. Lewis definitely has the muscles and the attitude, but would his acting chops hold up for a 75-minute film? There's no way for us to know now.

But I can definitely see Lewis taking on more comical roles like former Hall of Fame players O.J. Simpson -- pre-murder trail, of course -- and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar did in "The Naked Gun" and "Airplane," respectively. If Lewis can make you laugh out loud in commercials for body wash and a soda that no one drinks, imagine the possibilities if someone finds the perfect movie role for him.

Of course, Lewis isn't retiring from football any time soon. The dude might be a cyborg, so I wouldn't be surprised if he plays another three or four years, especially if the Ravens continue to be contenders.

But maybe one day we'll see Lewis in a feature role on the big screen. In the meantime, here's hoping he'll tide us over with more entertaining commercials like this.