First and 10: Monday afternoon NFL power rankings

Because doing a full, 32-team list of power rankings is too much work for a Monday afternoon, I will rank the top 11 teams in the NFL after each exciting football Sunday (that's where the "first and 10" comes in).

Here's the balance of power heading into Monday night's thriller between the Chargers and Jaguars:

1. Packers: Aaron Rodgers showed he is just as potent playing from behind as he is when he's ahead.

2. Saints: If there is any team that can take down the Packers this year, it's Drew Brees and the Saints.

3. Ravens: The team set a new franchise record for carries in a game Sunday. Thank you, Cam Cameron.

4. Patriots: They might not lose a game the rest of the way, putting pressure on the Ravens to win out.

5. Steelers: They also might not lose again, putting even more pressure on the Ravens to finish 13-3.

6. 49ers: A convincing win over the Rams won't make me forget how inept Alex Smith was last week.

7. Texans: Somehow still winning with a rookie third-stringer at QB, the Texans refuse to be buried.

8. Broncos: Winners of five in a row, and to channel Happy Gilmore, oh look, Tebow learned how to pass.

9. Jets: Rex Ryan and the Jets are quietly back in the hunt for the final wildcard spot in the AFC.

10. Falcons: Their 17-10 loss to the Texans looks bad on paper, but Houston's defense is totally legit.

11. Cowboys: I still think they win the NFC East, but how are you going to lose a game to the Cardinals?

Biggest rise (not on this list): Matt Moore and the Dolphins, who embarrassed the Raiders this weekend.

Biggest fall (not on this list): The Bills, who have arrived way too late to the "Suck for Luck" party.

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