Joe Flacco's amazing wedding photos are out on the Internet

One of Joe Flacco's wedding photos
(Jason Prezant Photography)


The photos can also be found on the website of photographer


, but the site has been inaccessible due to the high interest in the Flacco pictures.


Joe Flacco's wedding photos have been posted out in the blogosphere, and simply put, they are amazing.

The photos, which were published to the blog of wedding photographer Jason Prezant, shed a little light onto what the Ravens quarterback is like away from the television cameras and our microphones. There is a nice mix of sentimental photos of the happy couple,

, and goofy ones.

And then there is the photo of Flacco wedding party at a movie theater throwing popcorn in the air and acting surprised, which leaves me without an adjective to describe what I’m looking at. You have to

to see what I mean. Or come to my cubicle because it is now my desktop background.

I also enjoyed the photo of Flacco lining up behind his wedding party -- his wife, Dana, is filling in for Ravens center Matt Birk -- and Flacco is pointing somewhere with a bottle of bubbly in his hand.


I’m pretty sure that is an illegal formation, though.

Good for Flacco, though. It looks as if he has found a wife with a sense of humor. She let him dress up as “The Situation” from "Jersey Shore" for Halloween and they had fun with these photos.

Dare I say she’s a quarterback keeper?