This guy did the Ray Lewis dance at the Celeb Beach Bowl

If you happened to tune in for the Celebrity Beach Bowl during Super Bowl weekend, you might have caught the diehard Ravens fan who did the Ray Lewis dance after catching a touchdown pass from NFL great Warren Moon.

If you didn't -- and I can't say that I'd blame you -- here's the video.


That was Kris Jones, who was the winner of DirecTV's 2010 Ultimate Displaced Fan contest -- no, not this kind of displaced fan -- after submitting this video a few months ago. Jones won a trip to Dallas, Super Bowl tickets, a spot in the Celebrity Beach Bowl, and the chance to hang out with Ravens running back Ray Rice and a slew of celebrities.

"I had the greatest weekend of my life last week," Jones, 26, who now lives in Raleigh, N.C., told me Friday. "I distinctly remember laying in my bed on Saturday and on Sunday saying, 'Wow! Yesterday was the greatest day ever... Oh wait, we still have more to do.'"

Jones, whom you might also know as Goob Theoharris if you frequent the B-More Birds' Nest blog, was kind enough to send me a list of the five most memorable experiences from his trip (and what the heck, he threw in a bonus one, too). Here are the moments Jones won't soon forget (and I have a feeling you'll like No. 1 the most):

1. Watching the Steelers lose: The next best thing to watching the Ravens win was to watch the Steelers lose. Frankly, the game was kind of calm and the fans were nowhere near as passionate as I thought they would be. I guess they are the rich fans and not the rowdy drunks that we're all used to at NFL games.

2. Scoring a TD in the Beach Bowl: Warren Moon told me he was going to target me from the start and try to get me a TD. Warren did a great job distributing the ball around to our team but he was more than generous with the play-calling. I saw a ton of Steelers fans in the crowd and I promised Ray Rice that if I scored in the game that I'd do the Ray Lewis dance. Once I scored everything was a blur because everyone was watching me and I just jumped into the Ray Lewis dance. It wasn't my best dance by far because I actually realized what I was doing halfway through it and couldn't stop cracking up laughing about making a [fool] out of myself on national TV.

3. Ray Rice was sooooooo cool: After spending 20 minutes with him, you would have thought we knew each other for years. This guy was nothing but nice and definitely made the interviews [on media row] about me winning the contest and not just about him and the Ravens. It made me feel really cool and important, even though I knew that none of those guys would have wanted to talk to me without him. Ray was so cool and he even sent me a few [messages] on Twitter afterwards seeing what we were up to. Meeting one of your favorite players is awesome but there is some risk involved if they are a jerk and just completely ruin the thoughts you had of them. Ray was definitely the coolest person I've met on the team (and I've met a lot of people on the team) and he has just propelled my fandom even further.

4. Michael Irvin: The guy couldn't have been nicer. We got to do an interview with him on his radio show and he was really funny. He couldn't stop cracking up at the fact that I look like Woody Harrelson and after the interview was a moment I'll never forget. He literally sat with just Ray and myself and talked to us privately for five minutes. He was giving Ray advice on how to treat the fans because they are important to the NFL and its franchises. He said that even though Ray was elevated to a celebrity status around his city, he is no different than the people who cheer for him. After we talked, Michael actually pulled me into him and gave me a very unexpected hug. Not that I need hugs or anything but it was a surreal moment to know that this legend appreciated the passion and obsession that I had for this team.

5. Celebrity Beach Bowl: It was awesome. Walking out of a tunnel onto a field behind Barry Sanders and Eddie George was the moment that I realized that I was probably the luckiest person ever. The amount of celebrities that were just walking around me all the time was unreal. Sitting in the locker room and talking with Darryl "Moose" Johnston, Eli Manning, Barry Sanders, Merril Hoge and ME was just crazy.


6. Celebrities: I got to meet a ton of people. We were so busy that I had to walk by people like Marshall Faulk and Joe Montana (couldn't see if he was wearing Skechers or not). I personally met Hugh Jackman, The Situation, Josh Cribbs, Warren Moon, Barry Sanders, Merril Hoge, Darryl "Moose" Johnston, Guy Fieri (he was really nice), Brandon Molale, Jesse Palmer, and Brian Billick to name a few. We also go to do interviews with Josh Cribbs, Alan Covert (Grandma's Boy is one of my favorite movies) and Ray Rice for bmorebirdsnest.com. I also was interviewed by media members such as Mike Florio, Tony Bruno, Christopher "MadDog" Russo, Rich Gannon, Michael Irvin, Scott Garceau and Nestor [Aparicio].

Thanks, Kris, for sharing this with us.

Admit it, you're jealous. So who's entering next year's contest?