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Running it back:


The Orioles are returning to WBAL-AM radio after four years with The Fan. ... Ravens center Matt Birk said Tuesday he plans on playing in 2011. ... Ravens offensive tackle Michael Oher told Piers Morgan his biggest complaint about how he was portrayed in "The Blind Side."

Hitting the links:


1. Buck Showalter has the Orioles on the right track []

2. The new-look O's will pack a wallop, but there are still question marks [American Chronicle]

3. Vlad Guerrero has boosted the Orioles' chances in the AL East [SI]

4. How the Orioles became half baseball team, half industrial slaughterhouse [The Onion]

5. Here's an Orioles season preview from behind enemy lines [NECN]

6. Icelandic sensation Haukur Palsson has been a pleasant surprise for the Terps [Baltimore Sun]

7. Here's video of Randy Edsall talking about his first Signing Day at UM [Recruiting Report]

8. National writers discuss the Orioles [Baltimore Sports and Life]


9. The Ravens are looking for  finishers []

10. In the first round, the Ravens will draft... [CSN Baltimore]

11. The polarizing Joe Flacco [Baltimore Sports Report]

12. A local Ravens fan scored a TD in the Celebrity Beach Bowl [B-More Birds' Nest]

13. Rating the Ravens' additions from last offseason [Ravens Insider]

14. John Eisenberg gives us his plan for beating the Steelers []


15. Kevin Cowherd revisits last week's column on Maryland's coolest athletes [Baltimore Sun]

16. The Capitals, finally effective in their less-flashy style, begin to embrace it [Washington Post]

You said it:

"With the way this offseason went I think you have to be excited and optimistic. I'm not thinking 95 wins or even a Wild Card, but you gotta at least think 85 wins is doable. I think the team getting Vlad by just throwing that 8 mil at him was a big step, showed a little glimmer of wanting to win games NOW rather than waiting til later. I haven't been this excited for an O's season since...I can't even remember. Let's do this." -- reader theedanielj is buzzing in Birdland

You tell me:

What is the missing piece for the Maryland men's basketball team?


Video of the morning:

Supermodel Brooklyn Decker is just one of the guys

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