Coffee Companion (9/26): What they're saying about the Ravens

Each morning, Monday through Friday, I'll hook you up with reading material to skim through as you slug down coffee and slack off at the start of your workday -- that way I'll have an excuse to do the same at the start of mine. 

Running it back:

Rookie receiver Torrey Smith had three touchdown catches in the first quarter Sunday as the Ravens beat the Rams, 37-7. ... The defense smothered St. Louis, especially in a near-perfect first half that saw Baltimore enjoy a 27-0 advantage at halftime. ... The offensive line played better with Andre Gurode at left guard. ... Lee Evans said he understood the decision to sit him down against the Rams. ... Brian Matusz was rocked again in his final start of 2011 as the Orioles lost to the Tigers. ... Suspended Maryland receivers Ronnie Tyler and Quintin McCree will start Saturday against Towson, but safety Matt Robinson had season-ending shoulder surgery.

Hitting the links:

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