Coffee Companion -- 6/13: O's, Matusz mauled; Mavs beat Heat

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Running it back:


Orioles starter Brian Matusz retired just three of the 13 hitters he faced, allowing four runs on five hits and four walks in 1 1/3 innings during Sunday's 9-6 loss to the Rays.  ... Wanting Zach Britton's rookie season to prolong into September, the Orioles have pushed back his next start a couple of days. ... The Mavericks beat the Heat on Sunday night to capture their first NBA championship. ... A wild and unpredictable Triple Crown season came to an appropriately stunning conclusion Saturday as 24-1 long shot Ruler On Ice won the Belmont Stakes.

Hitting the links:


1. Kevin Cowherd: Brian Matusz is a mess [Baltimore Sun]

2. Peter Schmuck: It might be time for the Orioles to start seriously pondering the mystery that is Jeremy Guthrie [Baltimore Sun]

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4. What is wrong with Nick Markakis? [Big League Stew]

5. The Orioles are adversely affected by compensation rules in the draft [Chicaco Tribune]

6. Trent Dilfer thinks the owners will win the lockout [AP]

7. When the NFL lockout ends, will Ravens players be ready to get back to their pursuit of a title? [Baltimore Sun]

8. The Ravens will have interest in Pro Bowl cornerback Nnamdi Asomugha [Ravens Insider]


9. Jarret Johnson is the most underappreciated Raven [ESPN]

10. There's another Flacco [Baltimore Sports Report]

11. Who are Baltimore football's 10 best ever? [CSN Baltimore]

12. There is no football for undrafted former Terps wondering if their NFL hopes can outlast the lockout [Baltimore Sun]

13. An Alex Ovechkin offseason update [The Score]

You said it:


"At first I was going to go on a anti-Steelers rant, but in reality, what is he supposed to say?" -- reader


has the proper reaction to LaMarr Woodley's prediction

. What else should he say?

Video of the morning:

Here is why the Miami Heat is not great [via Hot Clicks]


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