Coffee Companion -- 5/18

Each morning, Monday through Friday, I'll hook you up with reading material to skim through as you slug down coffee and slack off at the start of your workday -- that way I'll have an excuse to do the same at the start of mine.

Running it back:


Tuesday's game in Boston was rained out, so Orioles rookie pitcher Zach Britton will get the start at Camden Yards Wednesday against the Yankees. ... First baseman Derrek Lee and shortstop Cesar Izturis are likely headed to the disabled list. ... Orioles pitcher Alfredo Simon will go to trial, a judge has ruled, according to an Associated Press report. Meanwhile, Simon is nearing a return to the team. ... Mark Turgeon finalized his coaching staff and got more good news when Nick Faust reaffirmed his commitment to the Terps. ... Despite the rain, Animal Kingdom had another strong workout, perhaps his most focused since arriving in Maryland.

Hitting the links:


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3. Adjusting expectations for Wieters [The Outside Corner]

4. Ranking the pitchers in the Orioles Hall of Fame [Dempsey's Army]

5. Taking a closer look at Mark Reynolds' stats [MASN]

6. The Ravens' website is starting to rank the best players in team history []

7. The proliferation of 3-4 defenses has led to changes in philosophy at running back [ESPN]

8. They're ranking NFL helmets now [ESPN]


9. Looking back on the XFL ... why not? [Sports Business Journal]

10. Hines Ward sent his dance partner for "Dancing with the Stars" to the hospital [Deadspin]

11. Ramon Dominguez, who got his start here, hopes to ride Dance City to his first Preakness win [Baltimore Sun]

12. One year for Alexander Semin is a smart move [Russian Machine Never Breaks]

13. How the Thrashers' rumored move to Winnipeg would affect the Capitals [SB Nation]

You said it:


"O's Lose to Red Sox as Bullpen Melts Down" -- reader Fanger predicts a Baltimore Sun sports headline 174 years from now

Video of the morning: 

Some guy playing beer pong tried to pull a Blake Griffin, jump over a car and dunk on a Solo cup. Predictably, there is one instance of profanity after he hits the pavement, so beware:

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