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Running it back:


Monday's roster cuts clarified the Orioles' roster picture, but an injury to Brian Matusz muddied it back up. ... Zach Britton authored another impressive performance in Monday's win over the Tigers. ... The Ravens are taking a closer look at Iowa quarterback Ricky Stanzi. ... Ravens safety Tom Zbikowski wants to box in Baltimore, and these are some potential venues. ... Jordan Williams earned honorable mention All-America honors.

Hitting the links:

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9. Jake Fox drew the ire of both Buck Showalter and Jim Leyland in yesterday's game [Orioles Insider]

10. Five things to watch for as the Terps open spring football practice Tuesday [Tracking the Terps]

11. Maryland men's and women's basketball teams see their popularity dip [D.C. Sports Bog]

12. The Towson coaching search hits crunch time [Toy Department]


13. Baltimore rallies behind Capitals despite its historic distaste for D.C. teams [Washington Post]

You said it:

"All this does is make Buck look like a hypocrite.  I didn't hear him complaining when he was managing the Yankees with that unlimited payroll and signing free agents.  Didn't they win the World Series after he got fired?" -- reader


responds to Buck Showalter's

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And this is why you and your buddies shouldn't race shopping carts down a hill

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