TMZ says Chris McAlister is 'broke as a joke'

I'm going to act like writing about something like this is below me, even though you and I both know that it isn't, but according to a report by TMZ, former Ravens cornerback and "former NFL bad ass" Chris McAlister has claimed that he is "BROKE AS A JOKE and living with his parents." Those are TMZ's words, not mine.

According to the report, McAlister, 34, is currently in a court battle with his ex-wife, Marlene, over child support money. TMZ reported that in official court documents, the former Pro Bowl cornerback claimed, "I have been unemployed since 2009. I have no income." McAlister reportedly added: "I live in my parents' home. My parents provide me with my basic living expenses as I do not have the funds to do so."

McAlister was the Ravens' first-round pick in the 1999 draft. He started for the Ravens in their 2000 Super Bowl season, was invited to three Pro Bowls and was twice named an All-Pro. He signed a seven-year, $55 million contract extension in 2004. His last season in Baltimore was 2008, which was uncoincidentally John Harbaugh's first as Ravens head coach. He had a brief stint with the Saints before retiring in 2009.

Who knows if McAlister's claims are true -- I'm guessing no one on the Ravens will talk about it on the record -- but given McAlister's reputation for partying hard, I wouldn't be all that surprised if he was indeed "broke as a joke."

However, I doubt he's driving around in a Kia and ordering fast food off the dollar menu. Just a hunch.

Update: My colleague Edward Lee tracked down Haloti Ngata at the team's practice facility in Owings Mills for a comment on McAlister. "I saw him on Saturday at the [team] hotel, and he looked good. I had no idea," he said, adding, "I think Chris is in that situation of trying to help a lot of guys. It's tough. You've just got to make sure that you take care of yourself and you definitely feel sympathy for him just because you know what he's been through. Hopefully, he can come out of it."